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I am tired of seeing
38 new pre-launch offers….and dozens of ass clown GURU’S….vomiting their “systems” into my inbox every fricken week !!!!!!!!!!

One might ask, whats the true agenda of the product creators ???????
Are they really trying to help struggling entrepreneurs
or just
confuse them further with information overload???

Let me give you some advice. Don't Listen to 90% of it.

It's all
bullshit and hyped up to leave you cash poor and
nothing gained.

They don't care about your success, just them collecting a

Leaving you 1,000’s of dollars wasted later…. and still confused as hell.

Are you suffering from
information overload ?????

Here’s your cure….Click now.

Here is the 10% of Information and Training that will help struggling entrepreneurs
reach success a lot faster.

When it comes down to it ….there is
only one person you can count on and that is

Take action now… here.


M.J. Campanella


skype  vitamingodfather

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Here’s Why You Should Work Online With Maurie J. Campanella


For those who know me, who have followed my online work, you know I

am head strong, stubborn, hard working, consistent, professional,

determined, straight to the point, basic, simple, systematic,

routine, driven, motivated, positive, helpful, and successful.  I

pride myself on these things, and more, but especially about beinghelpful.  I really do enjoy helping others.

 No, I don't!

  In this marketing, hoopla filled, online advertising

world, here are a few things I don't.      


No, I don't chase after the next best thing.  Unless proven, from a

well established professional, respected source, I pass, I wait, I allow

the hoopla to settle first before making my decision.  No, it is

never too late, and if so, Ok.


No, I am not motivated by time limits, such as you only have

24-hours to get-in type of deals.  I am disciplined, I know better,

bad decisions are always made that way.


No, I never put aside paying commissions, answering support email,

or any other customer service things.  I learned early on, you are

most important, you are the best, and when I take care of the

customer first, the customers take will care of me.


No, I do not hang out in forums, chat rooms, conference rooms, and

similar social media.  No, contrary to popular proclamations, they

are not the wave of the future for Internet marketing.  Do not be deceived.  Much of the social media hoopla is simply that, hoopla,

a distraction, a waster of time.  Stats, results, do not back up what they are telling you.


No, I do not typically cancel any resource membership.  Most of what I

join is for advertising, looking for top ranked advertising

resources.  I view each as an opportunity to plant seeds, build traffic, make a sale, build an opt-in list, and brand, and this is all good.

  It may not get my focus today, or tomorrow, but you never know where the next big harvest will come from.

No, I do not hate email, have accepted that they are part of doing

business online, and have learned to organize and manage.  For me,

pop3 is essential, and creating folders and message rules with

something like Outlook, Microsoft Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird, works great.


So That’s it.   If you are a newbie online…I’d be honored to teach you the ropes….and help you succeed and make money .

If you are an experienced marketer…who feels “stuck”….or you are interested in learning new marketing techniques….we can share experiences and learn from each other.


Maurie J. Campanella


Skype    vitamingodfather

Follow me on twitter.  #bigpumpdaddy

Here are some of my…FAVORITE MARKETING TOOLS…..Join Me Today:

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Hello Fellow Marketer,


Many programs have a great pitch and many also
have the proof behind the pitch which makes their
credibility go through the roof!


This site smears their proof all over the front


Check out these numbers:


Total Members: 11,765
Total Clicks: 5,405,687
Total Commissions: $31,342.83
Total Profit sharing: $3,562.90


It's rare to have this much disclosure on a site.


If you are looking for a quality mailer that will
get your ads seen, look no further...


The proof is in the numbers!


Join now and see what it's all about!


Maurie J. Campanella

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Something that was good - has now
just gotten a WHOLE lot better!

Have you heard of Daily Niche Idea?


It's a rare thing to find someone
ready to give away something of
value ... like, totally giving
it away, but Cindy Battye is!


Daily Niche Idea is the perfect
resource that lets you cut and
paste your way to create your own
niche marketing empire.

And the better bit?


Cindy has now created the system
so that you can download a weekly
PLR pack - with a product, and all
of the ready made materials, sometimes,
promotional tools already created for


so your really just have to add
your name to them - and monetize them,
using the systems that she will show

What Is Daily Niche Idea All

Well let me just start by spending
a second just thinking over your
last few internet purchases.


Does this sound scarily familiar?


# You spend heaps of money on the latest
'guru' offering.

# Give it a go for a bit, maybe make a
couple of dollars back... but get bored.


# Feel like a bit of a failure because you
were told all of these other 'noobies' were
doing it much better than you....

So you drop it and move on to the next thing...


Believe me when I say that you are not alone
in this frustrating cycle! Day after day
people just like you are losing hope, lacking
inspiration and getting ready to throw the
towel in.


Maybe this might even sound more familiar:


# You start a project

# You work hard to build it, make it
look great and then....

# For some reason, nobody is visiting it...


It turns out that your website has an enormous
amount of competition, against people who have
multi-million dollar budgets - lets face it,
not many of us can compete with that


you need is a niche.

What if I am not creative enough?

It's ok! This site, which is completely
f'ree - is the perfect option for you.



You will be given a niche suggestion
for each day of the week - so you can
never let your lack of creativity limit
your desire to acheive!


You will also get the statistics about
how many people have searched for your
niche - giving you a good idea of your
target audience.


Each week you will also recieve a
package with a fully created product -
that relates specifically to the niches
for that week.  You can use these products
to create your own blogs, websites, or
anything :) 


We also show you how to monetize your
site - by providing a high converting
affiliate product relating to each topic
- so you can put the information all
together with the website builder tools,
in next to no time!


It's all about giving you the ideas, tools
and tips to help you on the road to
financial freedom!




Maurie  J. Campanella


P.S. Go and grab the report now, while
it's still a freebie!