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Direct sales for men and women have become the cornerstone of the American dream, but what are the real benefits of being self employed

Most people today are looking on the internet to solve their business and financial problems. They have heard that starting an MLM or direct sales business will save them from their financial downfalls or even bankruptcy, however what is the reality?

Here are 5 benefits of being with the best direct selling companies in the industry 

Time Freedom

Direct sale companies

Most people want more free time in their lives. Unfortunately, people are so busy these days. No one has time for themselves or even their families. People are constantly searching the American Dream, which, ironically means, working more hours at a menial job that they dislike. The goal seems to be to make more money, so their families can enjoy a better life style.

Want would it mean to you, if you could have the American Dream and Time Freedom?

What if you could: wake up when you want, have breakfast with your children, take them to school and pick them up, travel anywhere in the world and never have to worry about money and time?

These are the benefits that come with starting with one of the many direct sale companies. You can choose your work schedule and load. Your efforts dictate how much money you make. You stop trading time for money and start enjoying life with your family and friend.

Financial Freedom

Most people are in serious debt these days and before I started this business so was I. Some examples are credit cards, mortgage payments, college loans, car payments and more. The problem with debt is you think that working more hours will eliminate them. However in the long run it never does. You have to realize the man who owns the company is making the big buck.

When you are work with the support of direct sale companies you are your own boss. No more working 60-80 work weeks getting paid peanuts.  Now you can create leverage by supporting and activating your team’s efforts to make 6 and 7 figures. This means never having to worry about money again.

Multiple streams of income

Most people who start with direct sale companies have tried an to run a home business while doing their other traditional job and for a while that works. I personally worked for the first year until I could see no point in continuing my normal job when my business was bring in 3 times as much. However some have two or three jobs in order to make an average paycheck and are still looking for other ways of making money from home.

For these people breaking out of this cycle an epic achievement in itself but to be able to create and develop a business with a multiple stream income will be very beneficial to them.

Most direct sale companies offer more than one way to get paid, such as retail bonuses, team bonuses and team training bonuses. This means a larger income for the same effort.

Helping others like yourself

So, this is great, you are making lots of money, have plenty of free time and financial freedom. It's what everyone wants in life. However once you have it, it's not exactly everything you hoped it would be, because the greatest success is not purely your own success but helping others to achieve success and be empowered with the same lifestyle and financial freedom you have attained.

Best direct selling companies

It is about being able to turn around and help others that were in the same situation as you were. Yes, I am sure you are arguing about why you should help others in this dog eat dog world and I could give you a moral and philosophical argument why you should, but finally it is simply down to the great feeling you will have when you have empowered someone and helped the life for the better.

Being able to give them their lives back is what running a home based business is all about, becoming a mentor, an expert and a friend. Unwittingly this moment will tell you something about yourself and add that important glitter to your personal success.


For me, mobility is the most important reason for being in direct sale. The reason reason is in traditional job, you need to commute to the workplace, which means means sitting in hours of traffic only to go a few miles or travelling long distances to get to work.

Some jobs require you to travel to different locations and stay there for an extended period of time. A great benefit for the direct sales marketer is in most cases their business is online, so regardless where they are; at home, living aboard or at the lake their business can come with them.

Most online business only required a computer (desktop or laptop) and a cell phone to do business. This means you can do your business in your underwear at home or while your travelling abroad. You could live anywhere you want, all you need is an internet connection and cell phone signal.

With all of this being said, make sure to find the best direct selling companies that offers cutting edge online marketing, compensation plan and support, because without, online marketing experience you may never reach your full potential without the support and training of the direct sale support team. In addition, the right mentor that will face you in the right direction is a important aspect of anyone joining a direct sales company, this will help you cut down on your learning curve and the trail and error process.

For those of you who are serous about starting in direct sales and dream of a way to make money need to understand that the first and most vital stage is to take action. Without taking action any aspirations of running your own home opportunity and achieving more free time and financial freedom is already dead.

But, after reading this article you should be on the right path of making a choice to take action or not.

Direct sales for men and women has never been so easy to start so – Click here and take action today or PM me and I will get back to you asap….

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In my opinion Doterra has the best MLM compensation plan in the industry and I am not the only one that thinks so …..

The Doterra comp plan is divided up into three parts, Retail Profit, which is paid monthly, Fast Start Bonus, which is paid weekly and the Doterra power of 3 Bonus which is also paid monthly. In addition Doterra offers as a part of the comp plan the Unilevel Organizational Bonus which is paid monthly on compressed organizational volume, meaning if someone in your team is non-active that volume is passed upwards.

Doterra compensation plan pdf

Retail Profit

Wellness Advocates earns 25 percent profit on purchases made by their Retail Customers.

Fast Start Bonus

The Fast Start Bonus is paid on a new enrollee’s PV (Personal volume) for their first 60 days. Each enroller must have a 100 PV Loyalty Rewards order template to participate.

Doterra power of 3 Bonus

To keep this simple the power of 3 Bonus requires that you have a team volume equal to 600 points to get this bonus. The team volume is the volume from orders placed by you and all of your first level Wellness Advocates and customers. The final element to get the Power of 3 Bonus is that you and three of your first level Wellness Advocates must have Loyalty Rewards orders of 100 PV or more. For more details and a deeper understanding of the Power of 3 Bonus – Click here and download the Power of 3 Bonus PDF.

Unilevel Organizational Bonus

The Doterra Unilevel Organizational Bonus is unusual in regards to even the best MLM compensation plan created in this industry. Unlike others Doterra income level percentage raises encouraging consultant to make placements. The idea of placements is to motive and support new consultants by helping active leaders to create a team and achieve goals by placing selective consultants in their downline. Before doing your first placement I would consult your upline for the best techniques, because it can be a tricky method for the new consultant.

To download the full Doterra compensation plan PDF – Click here

How does the Doterra comp plan stand up to others

I can’t say that every new Doterra distributor is going to make money, but it doesn’t mean you can’t. The fact is that Doterra has all the elements for most people even without any business know how to earn as a Doterra rep.

Why is it possible to earn from the Doterra comp plan?

  • Best MLM compensation planDoTerra products are incredibly healthy and appealing to a large amount of people and only growing in popularity (global opportunity).
  • People are already understanding the beneficial properties of daily essential oil usage, so Doterra is going to reach peak performance and presentation.
  • This means that you are in the right place at the right time to make a lot of money if you get in now.
  • The Doterra compensation plan is simple, structured and sustainable allowing the distributor to make money from day one and continue well into the future.

In addition to the main compensation plan is additional rewards available to the Doterra wellness advocates who are actively marketing and promoting Doterra essential oils and referring new consultants. The Doterra consultant earns even when they order their own products on a monthly basis. The most active consultants can get up 30% of their product value back as product credits as well as free products from the product of the product program.

Doterra comp plan review

Since I have been with Doterra I have found that the compensation plan to be a massive asset to my business allowing me to watch my business grow and develop faster than I ever would have believed. So with such a great partnership of Doterra essential oils and the business comp plan I am happy to say that I am apart of the Doterra team who see a successful future for myself and my team.

For more details about joining Doterra and using the Doterra comp plan – Click here or PM me and I will get back to you asap …..

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Purchase Doterra

Where to buy Doterra essential oils so I can guarantee that I am buying the best quality and the real thing?

I often get told by customers that they have seen Doterra products available Ebay or Amazon cheaper than from my Doterra shopping cart. And I have told them as I am about to tell you good people that if you want to guarantee that the essential oils you buy are really Doterra essential oils purchase Doterra directly from the source.

Why should I purchase Doterra directly from Doterra?

Simply because Doterra products are highly sort after hence the desire to product counterfeit Doterra essential oils by putting any oil in fake Doterra bottles is large. The fake Doterra products can be cheap oils to smelly water but whatever it is, it is not Doterra essential oil.

Where to buy Doterra that I can guarantee its not a fake?

The only place to buy Doterra products that you can trust is buy from one of the many Doterra shops available online or alternatively buying directly from a Doterra consultant who will be able to give you some advise regarding Doterra products and their uses.

To access directly to my Doterra shopping cart click on the Shop Now button below.

My Doterra shopping cart