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As a sinus sufferer I have had many sleepless nights until Doterra oils breathe changed everything for me

Doterra breatheI think things get really bad when my wife Anja asked me one morning, if I was feeling alright, when she said that my lips had gone blue. Well, I felt ok even if I may have been suffering with a slight headache which I put down to work stress and old age, however she took me to the doctors and they informed me that I had a sinus infection and they would have to clean my sinuses straight away. I was disgusting but I have to say I instantly felt better. 

Since then I have been concise of keeping my airways clean by washing out my sinuses daily, using peppermint oils internally while out, if needed but mostly using Doterra oils breathe with my Petal diffuser next to my bed at night and in my office at work.

It has been amazon, I am sleeping much more deeply than I ever have and I believe I am not so tired after attending my local gym.

But, what makes Doterra breathe so special? Well, it is the blend of therapeutic grade essential oils that create a formula which allows us to breath more easily.   

Doterra breathe ingredients

  • Laurel Leaf
  • Eucalyptus Leaf
  • Peppermint Plant
  • Melaleuca Leaf
  • Lemon Peel
  • Ravensara Leaf
  • Cardamom Seed

Doterra oils breathe Uses and Benefits

  1. Doterra oils breatheFeel the direct effects of Breathe essential oil blend when you apply it topically. For best results, apply to your chest and inhale deeply to experience a cooling and invigorating vapor. 
  2. Breathe provides a natural solution to help minimize the effects of seasonal threats. 
  3. When environmental or seasonal threats are high, use Breathe to help reduce their effects. 
  4. Breathe essential oil blend can help maintain feelings of clear airways and easy breathing. 
  5. The change of the seasons can be especially felt when outdoors. If you are a hiker, camper, backpacker, or outdoor enthusiast, don’t let seasonal changes diminish your nature experiences
  6. Blend Doterra Breathe with your favorite essential oils and diffuse them in the diffuser of your choice. 

For more details about purchasing Doterra Breathe - Click here or PM me and I will get back to you asap....

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Category: Health


To be able to enjoy all the benefits of Doterra essential oils it is important that you purchase a Doterra aromatherapy diffuser, but which one?

Doterra cloud diffuserThe Doterra aromatherapy diffuser offers all the benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils without the fuss and bother of the traditional diffusers.

The benefits of purchasing a diffuser from Doterra is that it gives the customer a high quality diffuser for all budgets and needs, while offering a cutting edge experience rarely found in other aromatherapy products.

All of Doterra diffusers offer the possibility to inhale Doterra essential oils for a relaxing and soulful rejuvenating experience by dispersing the oils into the air. The reason why their diffusers are so effective is because circulates the oil benefits into the environment for everyone to experience. Using a diffuser is a blissful and energizing experience that can be used day or night depending on your household and personal needs. 

I personally use my diffuser with Doterra lavender oil for restful sleep by putting the diffuser next to the bed. Or creating an energizing environment in the kitchen with Doterra wild orange oil. 

Other diffuser recipes worth trying

  • Refreshing Trio: 3 Spearmint 3 Peppermint 3 Wintergreen
  • Forest Meadow: 2 drops Cedarwood 2 drops Juniper Berry 3 drops White Fir 2 drops Arborvitae
  • Sweet Dreams: 3 drops Vetiver 3 drops Lavender 3 drops Sandalwood 3 drops Roman Chamomile

What types of Doterra aromatherapy diffuser can you purchase?

Doterra has six diffusers available at the moment, they are Lotus Diffuser, Petal Diffuser, Cloud Diffuser, Zenbow Diffuser, Aroma Ace Diffuser and Aroma Lite Diffuser. Some are only available in the US and some are only available in Europe and other countries, so check in your own country for details.

Doterra aroma lite diffuser

Aroma lite diffuser is designed to bring you optimum relaxation and therapeutic benefits, it is an advanced diffuser with four mist output settings and real-time atomization technology.

Wholesale: $89.95

Retail: $119.93

Doterra Lotus Diffuser

The Lotus Diffuser is a well-designed diffuser structured to take up minimal surface space while filling the air with the scents you enjoy.

Wholesale: $89.95

Retail: $119.93

Doterra Petal Diffuser

The Petal Diffuser is a small, convenient, and night-friendly diffuser with a far-reaching mist designed to help purify and humidify the air around you.

Wholesale: $47.00

Retail: $62.67

Cloud Diffuser

The powerful Doterra Cloud diffuser has a high mist output that can cover up to 600 square feet. This diffuser utilizes a micro air pump and patent-pending technology and diffuses straight oil (no water needed).

Doterra Zenbow Diffuser

The Zenbow benefits from color changing mood lighting which moves through a rainbow of colors whilst emitting a cool, scented and relaxing mist for up to 4 hours. (Only in Europe)

Wholesale: €55.00

Retail: €73.33

Aroma Ace Diffuser

Designed to bring you optimum relaxation and therapeutic benefits, the Aroma Lite Diffuser is an advanced diffuser with four mist output settings and real-time atomization technology.

Wholesale: $129.95

Retail: $173.27

For more information about how to purchase a Doterra aromatherapy diffuser from us - Click here or PM me and we will get back to you asap....

Doterra aromatherapy diffuser

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Category: Health

Since joining Doterra some years ago I have been returning to the subject of cooking with Doterra essential oils and the positive aspect to our daily lives

Putting essential oils in your food is simply putting the essence of the plate, flower or bark into your recipe to create another level of interest to your food as well as unique taste beyond the norm. This is without saying a healthier option to putting artificial flavorings in your food. The reality is that many processed food have preservatives and chemicals to enhance the flavor of the products as well as excessive amounts of salts and sugars making it even more important to avoid process foods and to learn to cook food the more traditional way.

However this is not a new concept, the  use of essential oils goes back thousands of years when it was considered that good food and oils were related physical healing as well as emotional well-being. The power of natural substances such as essential oils were believed to provide a healthy boost when used in the kitchen.

Why is cooking with Doterra essential oils the better option?

When cooking with essential oils safety should always be in your mind, because not all essential oils are created equal. The important factor is the grade of the oil, using a cheap brand maybe fine for your diffuser but I would not suggest consuming it. The minimum grade of essential oil for cooking should be food grade or better still therapeutic grade essential oil such as the ones produced by Doterra.

The best oils for your Doterra essential oil food recipes

Cooking with Doterra essential oils

How to use essential oils in Doterra recipes

Doterra essential oils should be added at the end of the cooking process so the flavor of the oil is keep in the food, but remember that essential oils are far stronger that normal flavorings so one drop should be enough. However, if you find it a bit too strong, then let the recipe simmer for a while before offering it to your guests or family.

Doterra recipes for breakfast

The morning juice has become a regular part of our morning routine and with Doterra oils it allows you to pick and mix to whatever taste that takes your fancy.

Simple carrot and ginger kickstart

Doterra recipes for carrots


10 middle sized carrots (cleaned and stork removed)

Doterra ginger essential oil – 2-4 drops to taste


Juice the carrots using a juicer

Mix in the essential oil

Pour into a glass and drink

This is a great recipe that you can make the even before and then put it in the fridge over night so its ready in the morning and its yummy

Wild Orange and chocolate oat fool 

Doterra recipes


Organic oats – 1 table spoon

Organic Linseed flour – 1 table spoon

4 Dark plums (chopped)

5 dates (chopped)

Doterra Wild Orange essential oil – 4 drops

Organic Coco power – 1 table spoon

Organic Kefir (unflavored) – 1 cup (add more if needed)


Take all the ingredients and put them in a blender

Blend until smooth

Pour into two serving bowls and put into fridge

For more Doterra essential oil food recipes go to Recipes from the kitchen by Manuela Battilani or check out some of the Doterra recipes on this blog.

Doterra essential oil food recipes