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Introducing the IBOtoolbox - Using this platform to build
your business is a very smart decision. Besides being the fastest
growing business network for Independant Business Owners, this
platform is a collection of amazing tools that are designed to
get your business the exposure it needs!

IMPORTANT:  IBOtoolbox does not have levels, packages, payplans,
enrollment fees, or other strings. We are a truly free platform
that does not tell you to upgrade after you join. ALL members of
IBOtoolbox have the same features and tools. IBOtoolbox is not
an MLM, traffic exchange program, or any other type of program
designed to lure money from your pocket. IBOtoolbox will NEVER
sell, give, lend, or barter your information to a third party.
IBOtoolbox will NEVER "transform" into an MLM or bait and switch
you in any way.

MORE IMPORTANT:  IBOtoolbox is a "safehaven" to build your business!


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We are a team of GDI members working together to promote

GDI business and, at the same time, working together to increase

the web presence of our GDI Word Press Blogs.

The GDI Word Press Blog Networking Team offers a lot more than

just a downline builder.   The GDI Word Press Blog is a real product 

with huge demand in the online network marketing arena.


Recently, as of last year, GDI incorporated the Word Press

platform within the basic GDI web hosting offer.    This has allowed

for a huge advance in the use of GDI hosting service.   Many 

affiliates that had not been taking advantage of the basic hosting

service, are now implementing  the Word Press platform to

create their own online blogs.


Visit and join the GDI Word Press Blog Network: