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Rudi What is the ­best way for­ me to contr­ibute to you­r life this ­year? Let me­ know.
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What is the ­best way for­ me to contr­ibute to you­r life this ­year? Let me­ know.
Updated: 10 year(s) ago

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k'm Rudi Vanhaecke, born in 1955 and living in the West Flemish Beernem (10 km from Bruges) in Belgium.
I am married to Rita, we have a son, Anthony. Anthony is an adopted son from El Salvador.
After I graduated in 1976 as a mathematics graduate, began my career in education. This was a temporary assignment, because after the school year I joined the service. I became director of a Belgian service organization active in the implementation of social legislation.
In this mode, I came into contact with network marketing and internet marketing.
What initially started as a hobby, became my main occupation.
After 28 years an employee worked, I became independent and started my own company, RV Consulting.
My activities are situated in the area of internet marketing.
What I really do is help other people achieve their goals. To this end I use the Glocal Income business opportunity.
Indeed, by ensuring that others are successful in this story, my own success is assured.

How did you find out about Glocal Income?
A business opportunity available on the internet is not difficult. Every day, countless new ones.
To find an opportunity with no significant financial investment required and that allows much money to be earned, which is universally accessible and appropriate support, is another story.
I must be honest, in my quest for such an opportunity Glocal Income is the only business opportunity that offers this.
I am my friend and current sponsor therefore grateful to have suggested me this opportunity.
Besides, friends and acquaintances to help save and earn money, isn't it the best that exists?
More should not be!

What were your initial concerns about upgrading your membership to become a VIP Member?
I became on my first day at Glocal Income VIP.
This gave me the ability to instantly generate significant savings and earn money.
My faith in the company and the concept made me hesitate no second to become a VIP.

How did you overcome those concerns to upgrade and become a VIP Member?
I like to help other people. I can not just help people on paying less for things they need anyway. Many people are looking for a second income from home. Glocal Income is the ideal way to earn extra income, low entry costs and easy to do.

What do you like about Glocal Income?
Besides the possibility to save on almost everything we need daily, Glocal Income provides an excellent accompaniment.
First, there is a comprehensive roadmap. Yiu can also count on excellent support.
With the 30 days money back guarantee, you can try out the business. Earn while you learn! There's no risk at all.

What's your vision on how you're going to help your future VIP Members succeed?
Together Everyone Achieves More.
In Glocal Income teamwork is very important.
I'm Builder Team Coach of Glocal Income.
Helping the people in my team to make them successful is my main goal. This means that I am always accessible to them in word and deed to assist.
Duplication of successful people is the way to success. Consequently, learning what to do to earn what I do. My team members can then duplicate this to the people they connect.
The success of my team is my success!

I am the Membership Coordinator and Builder Team Coach for our team. In that capacity, I am always available to assist with questions about membership benefits, earning Reward Points, upgrading to become a VIP and any other questions you may have.