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MLM Distributor
Basic Information
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Birthday: (61 years old)
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I am an MLM Distributor, I am an MLM Company Owner, I am an MLM Vendor
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My Company :
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ID 1434863
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iWowWe - is a revolutionary change in the dispatching of private and business news and internet communication. Offers the latest, cutting-edge Video Communications Products: Video Email FOR FREE, Video Autoresponder, Video Conferencing, Live Broadcasting - one low price, incredibly simple rules, quick extra money, immediate payment.
Soon, additional product will be available - UNIFIED PLATFORM 5.0:
* Live channel
* Push Button
* Eliminates cell phone minutes
* Unlimited Audience *Translates so everyone understands each other (real-time)
* Integrates into all platforms & systems.
My Expertise:

To a very good money in network marketing, you need all your strength to put the work in ONE company! But the company must choose very wisely. I have not met the leader (a millionaire), which operates in more than a dozen companies, but I met a few who have only one or two major company. I`m interested only passive income, and therefore all of my time and a lot of work I put into building the big team.
What You Need Most Right Now:

I`m on this site, because I`m looking for open-minded people who have a vision of the future. Looking for a common interest in building a huge business worldwide. If you are the kind of person, then please contact me.
High School:
Politechnika Gdańska
network marketing
Global Marketing Executive
Personal Information
About Me:
Together we can help other people - we are in this world in order to give, not only to take.
Activities and Interests:
I realise that everyone in his life, is engaged in a business, that is very important for him. Therefore it is not my intention to persuade you to take an interest in some other activity - my intention is to provide you with information about the possibilities offered by iWowWe - access to high quality video tools to assist in building and developing any kind of business, raising the prestige of the company, strengthen relationships with customers and partners.
Thanks to modern and unique form of media, each iWowWe user has the ability to increase the attractiveness of its offer and quick access to it for more people.
We are entering a new era of online communication - it`s just a matter of time when traditional e-mails will be replaced by video e-mails ... instead of writing people will talk to each other. Rather than go for training and conferences - we will organise them via the Internet. Already, we can take advantage of this opportunity and rise above mediocrity.
The company also anticipated ability to generate additional income for people interested in this project as a business.
Check carefully and see for yourself …

Favorite MLM Trainers/Speakers/Instructors:
Napoleon Hill
Favorite Authors:
Brian Tracy
Joe Vitale
Dale Carnegie
Zig Ziglar
Norman V. Peale
Robert T. Kiyosaki
Favorite Books:
motivational, psychological ... when I want to relax - science fiction
Favorite Quotations:
***Dreams ahead of the action, so you act to chase dreams / Marzenia wyprzedzają działania, więc działaj by dogonić marzenia
***Everything in the world working for you, not against you / Wszystko na świecie diała dla ciebie, nie przeciwko tobie
***Fortuna supports resolute - you can find what you expect / Fortuna wspiera stanowczych - znajdziesz to, czego sie spodziewasz
Favorite Music:
Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Queen, Carlos Santana,
Favorite Movies:
Green Mile
Fly over the Cuckoo`s Nest
Rain Man
Forrest Gump
Cast Away
Favorite TV Shows:
I do not watch - I do not have time for this