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Posted at 6:18 PM on Wed 28 July 2021
I think that a lot of people are skeptical about (1) when something is free, and (2) how something free can pay you soo well.

So what is this free app that’s going viral, and where is this app getting the money to pay us. How is it sustainable?
It's easy! Brace yourself!

It will be selling our location data! BUT! Your data that it encrypts and makes you nothing more than an anonymous blip. Data that's literally worth billions of dollars and in return, they pay us for it.

This is very sustainable for this company, because what they’re giving us is nothing in comparison to what they’re getting out of it. I’m absolutely ok with that! Pay me! Woooooohooooo!!!

And make no mistake, you can ABSOLUTELY create a 5-6 digit, very legitimate income with this “little free app”.

I can show you how.

Yes, it’s free! There are no “gotcha” tricks here. I don’t play that game!

Do you have time to watch a 1 minute video?