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Victor Courville (leader)
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Group Name"Ditch the Can"
DescriptionWord of mouth is the most trusted form of advertising in the world. Think about it. You tell someone you know about a product you use and love, and trusting you they act on that recommendation with their wallet. Shouldn't you get rewarded for this? At #Ditch the Can we think you should be rewarded for talking about DTC products, like you would talk to someone about your favorite restaurant or a great movie you saw. #Ditch the Can wants to pay you for your networking skills. Whether it's through social media, email, face to face, or over the phone, networking is a skill you use every day. Now it's time for you to cash in on that skill, in a really genuine way. We're not talking about sales pitches or memorizing silly scripts. Just do what you do naturally. Enthusiastically share what you love with people. Here's how easy it is: 1. You drink the DTC product and recommend it to others. 2. They buy it through your DTC Marketing Website. 3. We put Cash in your wallet as a thank you then and every future order that person places. Plus, everyone they recommend it to who buys DTC products of their own earns you more rewards. So, whether you want to earn enough to get your DTC products for free or take this Big Time, you can make it happen. Heck, you can start right now! "This #Ditch the Can stuff seems pretty cool. Energy shipped at your door and rewards for sharing".
Category Social Networking