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Jason Bailey (leader)
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Group NameInstant Money Making Dowline (FREE)
DescriptionHi Guys

**Quick start**

There are only 3 requirements to make a large passive income from this business.

1. A mobile/smartphone that can connect to the internet at least once per day to click ad.
2. A paypal account to get paid
3. The ability to sign up over 100 people eventually, (any problems here i can help you with that)

Sign up from your SMARTPHONE here

or here using my invite code budlg9lx if first link does not work.**

I am involved in a wonderful brand new business I joined and am looking to build a down-line for that and others.

Things is it is completely free...! And it is very easy, so perfect for starting a downline build..!

It requires only the effort of sharing it with your friends or social networks and logging in once per day.
It takes me less than 5 mins to log in, click an ad, and put a status update on FB, Twitter, G+, linkedin Etc.

I would also love to build a working relationship with people who join the group so we can share what each other is doing and see if we can increase all our earnings, (especially In free businesses that just require numbers or participation)

I personally review each business that is recommended to the group, and put it to the group to decide if we should all join to test or earn.

I have 3 or 4 main businesses I promote online which I will share however this is not about me. ITS ABOUT THE GROUP SO REMEMBER THAT...!

Open promoting is welcome as long as it is not repeated over and over..

So what have you got to lose join the group, check what we are doing and join in.

I hope to meet some friends who i can share my dream with of working from home.
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