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Group NameMake Money Online Ways
DescriptionPersistence: An Essential Element For Success

No matter what your particular goal is, for some, the mere mention of the word “Persistence” can give doubt to some about the effort that will, and must, be made in order to succeed in life. Remaining consistent with our efforts, even though results may not be seen in the early stages, is an important factor and ingredient for success. Persistence is one of the most important of the many keys needed for success.

The ability to maintain persistent with your effort towards achieving your goal is crucial. We cannot assume that applying minimal effort will allow us to see the fruits of our labor. Although we will encounter resistance from all angles, persistence will, without doubt, overcome all. If you know and have read the story of Thomas Edison, you realize that even though he failed 10,000 times, he was still able to reach his goal of creating the light bulb. Failure is not a step back, but a step closer towards reaching your goal and harvesting the positive results of your efforts.

One of my favorite quotes is, “Persistence will open all doors closed by resistance.” It is a concept strongly enforced by John Di Lemme, motivational trainer and speaker. Creating and maintaining a positive mindset has been one of the major contributing attributes to the success of many entrepreneurs. Moving forward physically and mentally is the only way to get from point A to point B. Unfortunately, we often get in our own way of success and lose the motivation, focus and persistence we need to maintain. Even though life’s circumstances can become overwhelming, we must remain focused and persistent in reaching our goals. With that said, we must move forward mentally and not be held back by negative thoughts and experiences of the past.

Daphne Spurlock- Make Money Online

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