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Posted at 12:19 AM on Thu 8 April 2010
Detailed and Graphic Explanation
Brandon is at the top the “master Distributor” he enrolls Paul 1/1 (1st. level 1st person) and Sue (1st. level 2nd.person) at $400.00 retail sale each! Paul like 98% of most people IN THE PAST, sits there and makes a few calls doesn’t get anyone and quits and never would cycle! Brandon enrolls Bob ($400.00 retail sale) Bob falls in Brandon’s first open position from top to bottom, left to right in his 2/1 (2nd. level 1st person) and Paul’s 1/1 spot. Sue enrolls Kay ($400.00 retail sale) and she is placed in Sue’s 1/1 also fills Paul’s 1/2 and in Brandon's center shared 2/2 and 2/3. Let me explain that spectacular feature which is the most powerful of all plans it is called “DUAL ENTERY POSITION”©™ or (DEP) also is a key ingredient in the self healing process. This feature will fill those blank 1 or 2 positions that prevent people from cycling. This is when each front line position, to the far left under you is shared with the person on the same level as you to your left, the same with the person front line to you far right directly under you, is shared with the person on the same level to your right. Even though it shows Joe on the chart he has not yet been enrolled! Bob enrolls Roy and Rick being placed on Bob’s 1/1 and 1/2, also falls into Paul’s 2/1 2/2, also fills Kay’s 1/1. Brandon only needs one to cycle and Paul only needs one to cycle! Considerations are to Charge $400 in the commission matrix or the retail builders matrix. Brandon enrolls Joe and fills his 2/4 and Brandon cycles and earns $1110.00 minus $370 re-entry fee (with a product of greater tangible value) after a $30 administration fee netting out an even $710.00 bucks. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE BUT ONE ACTIVE POSITION IN THE MATRIX AT A TIME! The feature that forces compression is, when Brandon cycles the computer searches for the closest one of Brandon's personals which in this case is Paul and places Brandon in Paul’s 2/4 position which would cycle Paul. Due to legal compliance NO person can earn commissions due solely on the position he/she is placed in without a requirement of a personal retail sale. So before Paul cycles he MUST make one $400.00 retail sale! When or if Paul makes that simple one retail sale he will cycle! Paul would make $1110.00 minus $370.00 re-entry and a $30 administration fee netting $710.00. Now Paul has 7 days from his matrix being filled and the ability to cycle and to make that silly, simple one retail sale! When Paul makes his one retail sale, he cycles. Paul is then re-entered under Brandon's newest matrix (WHICH BY THE WAY PERPETUATED PAUL TO CYCLE) and his personal retail sale follow him and fills Paul’s 1/1 in Paul’s new matrix.

If Paul fails to make that one retail sale in 7 days the NET commission he would have earned is PAID TO HIS PERSONAL SPONSOR, Brandon, Paul is re-entered and has another chance to EARN money! NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND! As you can see in the diagram Brandon is working hard, cycles again is placed under Sue, which generates Sue cycling which helps Brandon cycle again. The more personal retail sales you have the more you will cycle and the Guarantee your personal retail sale people, will cycle as well.
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Posted at 10:59 PM on Thu 8 April 2010
Please view the photos. There you will find a diagram of the matrix. It will help you follow the above details of our compensation plan.