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Posted at 12:17 AM on Thu 8 April 2010
Wealth Optimizer Product and Vision

The Wealth Optimizer is a break through software and a powerful tool that confidentially guides consumers worldwide to pay off their debt in as little as one-half to one-third of the time without impacting their cash flow.

The Wealth Optimizer helps you to earn interest instead of pay interest. We help you begin to take control of your financial destiny so you are no longer held hostage by banks, credit cards, student loans, auto loans, mortgages and any other debt. The Wealth Optimizer automatically directs you to the fastest way to zero debt without changing your spending habits or lifestyle.

In the United States alone, more than 270 million people are burdened with debt, and the problem is much worse around the world, yet history's greatest opportunities have always come from the greatest challenges.

Together we have the opportunity as a company to go way beyond Success and into significance. If success is what happens to you, then significance is what happens through you. By helping families eliminate the monster of debt, together we are poised for global significance. The wealthy and the struggling are all playing on the same financial game-board, but while the wealthy; (including banks, financial institutions and wealthy individuals) are playing chess, they are teaching us to play checkers. The Wealth Optimizer will help you play the right game.

None of us entered into this world of debt on purpose. I want you to think back with me to your first day of college, there you are carrying your stack of books in the bookstore and headed to the register. Just before you reach the counter, you come across a big tent where beautiful girls and handsome guys are offering free t-shirts and hats that say “Citibank” on them and THAT’S the moment we sell our souls into the world of DEBT. Why on earth would we have been offered credit at that point in our lives? They knew exactly what they were doing and we sold our souls and entered into the culture of debt that few of us have been able to leave, and this culture of debt is destroying us, as individuals and it’s destroying our families, our children and our nation