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Posted at 11:50 AM on Sun 1 August 2010
Daily, I receive emails, text messages or Facebook/Twitter blips about some new opportunity. The titles usually are ALL CAPS, and basically say the same thing. So do you know how to step out of the same-old, same-old cycle and introduce your company to new customers and new business partner potentials?

One of the cliches in the Perfect Pitch is this: "Coffee is for Closers". What it means is if you are sipping on hot coffee and smiling, you just closed a deal, before you even fully pitched the person. One of the tough issues facing internet based marketers is how-to catch peoples attention, quickly and effectively. Using the Perfect Pitch as a Viral Letter, the entire point is summed up in a single introduction statement, captures the clients attention and turns a lose into a close in literally minutes.

What are some of the ways you introduce yourself you others? Don't be shy or embarrassed, the entire point of this exercise is to get youinto the top 2%.

Post them here and let's take it to the next level.
Posted at 12:07 PM on Sun 1 August 2010
By doing exactly that! Just like at a party, my upline sponsor once said, do you say "Hello, would you like to buy my (insert product here)?" Never, and unfortunately I have had the misfortune of doing this in my past, and having this done to me as well.

I say Hi, and welcome them, read their profile to see if we have anything in common, ask them questions if something about their profile piques my interest, get to know them. I assume if they are curious about me they will ask. Never..NEVER..(Excuse the Caps!! ;) ) ask for their business or offer any link or program unless you have built a personal relationship with the person and it is wanted and can be justified. To be honest, I do not want everyone in my business, I would like to get to know them before we even come remotely close to this arena. Thanks for posing this question, and I feel reassured that there are others out there that not only strive to higher standards but that also don't do it the NFL way (No Friends Left), it makes the ones who shine shine brighter! B.T.W. Keep your pic, it stands out from the other myriad of faces and since it caught my eye, this is why I came to your profile. All the best!
Posted at 12:45 PM on Sun 1 August 2010
Thanks Jay.