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Catherine Hislop (leader)
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Group NameGlobal Unity Harmony Foundation
DescriptionGlobal Unity Harmony Foundation come together to end abuse and corruption globally. We have a concert venue set up in UK. Other countries are following suit. Each of the concerts will be shown on the internet to enable funding of projects like ‘Please refer to draft baseline of together for future dreams’.

Thereafter we will be setting up e-trading facilities with all the countries involved, to sell their products, produced from psychological therapies. Any article sold 90% of revenue will be returned to the producers.

An Annual award certificate will be given out to each individual recognising their involvement in the campaign.

We have been set up to highlight the extent of abuse and corruption within global society, and to try to bring about, by peaceful means, an end to it.

We are a non political organization open to all religions, faiths, gender and nationalities.

Through the medium of music and art, we are going to highlight the damage that abuse brings upon the human race.

By doing concert on the internet and television, we will hopefully encourage people to donate to cause of putting an end to the abuse globally.

Then we will set up projects that will benefit people who suffer from trauma due to abuse. By providing psychological therapies in art & craft, music etc; some projects are already running who provide therapies of this sort, but due too the global economic downturn they are threatened extinction. So we have to work together to sustain projects that are already there and add to them.

From this we will then provide a means to sell the products produced from the therapies through our website to our contacts globally, so that the projects are self sufficient.

Once this happens we will encourage the participants to then set up their own social enterprises to trade with other social enterprises that are set up with the other countries on board.

We will encourage private organisations to provide management time to the social enterprises so that they become self sufficient therefore we will be getting the people on board to set up projects for the people by the people.

We are also linked to G Lux who set up VIP deal maker events of which the foundation gets 10% to set up social projects
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