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Erica Silva (leader)
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Group NameGlobal Information Network
DescriptionWho We Are

The Global Information Network (GIN) is a private, exclusive, and member-only global association of like minded highly affluent and freedom-orientated people from various businesses, social and economic sectors dedicated to achieving financial independence, wealth creation, dynamic health, and emotional well-being.

The initiators of the Society include some of the wealthiest, powerful, and successful people in the world including a former prime minister, a current king and crown prince, members of various royal families, a former president of a major country, generals, billionaires, tycoons, industrialists, politicians, a current supreme court member, major media moguls, and several celebrities you would know by name.

Members share a desire to help other members share knowledge, connections, and expertise, and mentor those members who are serious about taking charge of their own destinies, achieving wealth, gaining financial freedom, experiencing dynamic health, and reaching high levels of overall emotional well-being.

Our Goal

The Global Information Network’s goal is to be the worldwide communication center that will spread previously secret and hidden knowledge that has been used by the ruling classes to keep the world uninformed, full of fear, impoverished and enslaved.
By allowing average people access to this secret knowledge, it is the hope of GIN that:

• Individual levels of personal responsibility will increase
• More people will become empowered
• Depression, powerlessness, poverty, hunger, and slavery will diminish and over time cease to exist
• A worldwide global shift will occur where the masses will stop looking to government, or corporate entities to solve all problems
• People will understand that they CAN change their situations and create any reality they desire
• The world will go into an upward movement of prosperity, freedom, and peace for all to such a degree that mankind has never seen

The Creed of the Global Information Network is:

• Every person on earth has the right to …
…know all the knowledge available on planet earth
…pursue happiness
…be free to pursue his own dreams, goals, and desires
…know ALL the methods of curing and preventing disease and have dynamic vibrant health
…know how to use their mind to create and manifest in their lives whatever they choose
…privacy from all governments and corporate entities
…be happy, secure, safe, and fulfilled as a human being
• Every person on earth has the same importance as every other person
• Every person on earth can have, be or do anything they desire
• The privileged elite class has NO right to hide the truth from the masses and keep them as virtual slaves
• Freedom of speech, freedom to express ideas, opinions, and what individuals believe to be statements of fact even if it is against worldwide consensus should never be impeded

Privileges YOU will have
You will gain access to, and be able to be trained and mentored by, successful powerful people from around the world: powerful and affluent experts, celebrities, professional athletes, authors, scientists, politician’s, successful business people, doctors and medical experts, leaders in various fields, plus many others. The average person would never have direct access to these types of individuals.

Members pledge to help other members first. Business deals could be done between members first before the general public even knows about them. Ground floor opportunities, investment opportunities, the ability to raise money, get credit or financing, raise investment capital for your business ideas, or dramatically improve your health and learn ways to cure and prevent virtually every disease, and how to develop emotional well being, be happier, more fulfilled, eliminate depression and anxiety, are all benefits you could enjoy.

Benefits of being a member of the Global Information Network

Money making opportunities:
How to create a perpetual money making machine, giving you a permanent monthly residual income from various sources from around the world.
Investments opportunities of all kind: (business, real estate, stock market, currencies trading, commodities)
You will learn how members get investment returns that the average person could never imagine. There are members who have made 50%, 75%, even up to 300%-3000% returns on their investments! You will learn how members have turned a $1000 investment into over $1 million dollars in less than a year. That’s the benefit of being “in the know”.
Secrets of the Law of Attraction:

GIN members get information on HOW to use the Law of Attraction to have, be or do anything and everything they desire. The “missing keys” to making the Law of Attraction work in real life are revealed and taught to GIN members.

Secret knowledge:

You also gain access to the secrets of what goes on inside elite' secret societies. This includes learning about what is happening in the world, BEFORE it actually happens. You will have access to information that has never been published before that can help you achieve wealth, financial freedom, gain power and control in your life, and be happier and more fulfilled, than ever before. You will learn the secrets to contentment and true inner peace.
Medical break through from around the world:
Members will be able to access the world’s best doctors: doctors that non members would simply never have access to. One of the best doctor and member of the society has cured over 35,000 patients with cancer and other terminal diseases with a 92% cure rate. You will also have access on ways to overcome fears, phobias and insecurities or develop emotional well being by removing blocks and feel happy whatever the financial or emotional climate you are facing thus eliminate depression and anxiety.
Capital for your business ideas:
Members who are looking for investors or venture capital will have the opportunity to present business ideas to the general membership. This could be one of the fastest ways to raise money for new businesses or get world class advice from experts that could save you from huge financial losses and wasted time.
Business advice and networking opportunities :
Members who wish to start a business or need advice on an existing business will be able to network through the membership and potentially find an expert in that area which can provide free advice to help you achieve your business objectives. This type of advice and personal help from experts is worth the cost of membership a million times over.

Learning from the BEST:

Members also have the ability to request a meeting with a certain person, or receive particular training from an expert. In the past members have requested to have personal pool lessons with a world champion billiard player. This has been provided. Others have wanted to have kung fu lessons from a real Shaolin monk. This has been provided. Others have wanted to have instruction on golf, tennis, and real estate investing. This is being provided. Yet others have requested cooking lessons from a world class chef. This too is being provided.

You now have the chance to be an insider and learn how to make more money than you ever imagined and create the lifestyle you always wanted.

Money and Passive Income Opportunity

Perpetual Money Making Machine (the lazy men's way to riches)

52-Week Lay Down Plan to Financial Freedom

Weekly Motivational and Mentoring Speech

Quarterly Leadership Live Seminar

Basic Yet Powerful Live Events on Success and Better Living

Audio Recordings of All Past Basic Events

Billionaires Secrets Success Training (what you TRULY can't find anywhere else)

Exclusive and Private Training During Live Events

On-Going Advance Training on Ways and Techniques That Would Make You More Successful, Healthy and Overall Happy.

Audio Recordings of All Past Advanced Events

Hidden Secrets of the Law of Attraction (how to get anything you want in your life: love, money, success and happiness)

Exclusive Investments Propositions (the kind the average person would NEVER get)

Secret Elite Insider Knowledge and Information

5,000 of the World Best Doctors

Health Information NOT Available Anywhere Else

Get Loans and Credit at Favorable Terms

Advices or Partner(s) for Your Business and Ideas

Lot More Very Unique Privileges and Bonuses

If you`re interested in becoming a member, you can contact me anytime at My name is Erica, and I would be happy to help you out with any questions regarding GIN.

Also becoming an affiliate is completely FREE!! You`ll get access to over 200 hours of audio from the best speakers out there, on creating wealth, law of attraction and much more.

Go to and learn what we are about. Its only by invitation. Use the affiliate code 1524310.
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