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Group NameGlobal Money Faktory
DescriptionGlobal Money Factory

We are developing an international community site based on an original idea. We are going to share 40% of our monthly profit between those who redeem a lifetime membership. The more bonus they have, the bigger share they get from our profit.

The GMF community site will be built in 2 stages.

1. stage: pre-registration

The pre-registration to the GMF community site has already started.

We only accept those members in the pre-registration stage who are willing to redeem the lifetime membership by paying a one time fee of $15.

When redeeming the lifetime membership 5 bonus will also be credited on their GMF member account.

The lifetime membership gives members an opportunity to refer GMF to others for a commission at the pre-registration stage, they also get 1 bonus for referring someone directly (1st level). (Bonuses will have a big role after the pre-registration stage. They will be used to calculate the lifetime member’s profit share from the GMF community site.)

Commissions for being an affiliate:

* 1. level commission is $2/referred member + 1 bonus

* 2. level commission is $1/referred member

* 3. level commission is $0.5/referred member

* 4. - 13. level commission is $0.25/referred member

Payments are made from a minimum of $20 to AlertPay or PayPal in 24 hours!

It possible to refer unlimited number of people directly (1. level), this means your network can be as wide as you want it to be, in deepness it can contain 13 levels.

There's no IP or other limitation!

This means that from the same computer, using the same e-mail address and with the same AlertPay account more then 1 person can register and become a lifetime member with paying only the one time $15/person membership fee.

It would be wonderful if every person from the family could find his/her field of interest on the community site!

2. stage: starting the community site.

After ending the pre-registration stage and multiplying the bonuses of the lifetime members we will start the community site and also the invitation of FREE members.

For inviting a free member bonuses will be awarded but there will be no money commissions!

Time will come when only 7% of all of the members will be lifetime members, then from the next month the monthly payment of the profit shares can start. 40% of the site's profit will be paid out to lifetime members depending on the number of bonuses they have collected.

We have the right to change terms!
Category MLM Recruiting/Sponsoring