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Paula Van Dun (leader)
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Group NameKooiii Fan Club
DescriptionKooiii is another social network where the main focus is having fun and connect. Advertising in specific areas only. But Kooiii is more, The network has many programs and services: search, free webmail, autoresponder, network tools, webmaster tools, and, and, and...
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What makes Kooiii different? WHY JOIN KOOIII ?

The number one thing people do when they come online is search. Searching can involve exploring new things, or researching something specific.

Kooiii Search is the only engine that fully addresses Social Media Search

The virtual scene has fast become the new it place to meet and greet people. Online dating, social network, and just meeting people for fun.

Kooiii is all about fun first Business Second, learn how to effectively use social networks to not only meet people but also make money without the pressure sales.

People come online to explore the latest technology. Find out What's trendy, what's new. The virtual world becomes the real world.

Learn how to embrace these new technologies while meeting people from all over the world in complete comfort and safety.

Category Social Networking