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Posted at 1:18 PM on Sun 24 January 2010
Let's discuss our "before" lives! What nonMLM related job did/do you have?
Posted at 1:20 PM on Sun 24 January 2010
I was a loan officer for over 10 years. My main area of expertise was in government loans, but I also did some conventional refinances. I loved the freedom of the flexible hours of the job, and I couldn't believe that I'd get even more freedom out of doing MLM, but I do!
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Posted at 4:34 PM on Sun 24 January 2010
I was in the construction/drywall field for 5+ yrs and I worked for the city as a utility maintance worker for a 3 yrs. Now Its MLM/Network Marketing all day. And the freedom in MLM is great
Posted at 5:49 PM on Sun 24 January 2010
Thanks, Eric. Interesting!
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Posted at 5:35 PM on Thu 4 February 2010
Unfortunately I'm not allowed to be involved in an MLM/Network Marketing opportunity because of my Non-Compete agreements with several of the companies themselves as a consultant/vendor. :(

However, my latest 9-5er is a CD/DVD duplication company in addition to the consulting work.

Some day I hope to transition out of the consulting aspect and join an MLM opportunity so I too can live the dream you guys are fortunate enough to already have!
Posted at 5:59 PM on Thu 4 February 2010
Wow, Jason. That non-compete clause sounds pretty unfair. I suspect non-competes will discourage people from joining certain programs, which will make other opportunities more attractive. So, the non-compete may ultimately hurt the company it was trying to protect in the first place. The bottom line is that nobody should prevent you from earning an honest living.

Your 9-5 job seems like it was a great transitional tool for you to get into internet marketing. I find it interesting to hear everyone's stories about how they came to be here...