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Posted at 8:16 AM on Mon 10 January 2011
I am curious to know what steps everyone is taking in the new year to create their ideal life? For me, it is a practice of consistency. I laid the foundation last year for setting up a remarkable company. Now, I need to consistently follow the plan laid out until I achieve my goals.
Posted at 6:45 AM on Sat 15 January 2011
First of all, thanks for the invitation.

I guess I'm the first to jump in on this topic.
I started by reviewing our life over the last 20 years since my wife and I got married, then we looked at what it was that we enjoyed the most of our life and how we were "at our best". Based on that, we decided to build our lives around that image of ourselves, and make it our Business and Family goals.

Our Business motto is: "We are having fun building our Business by Encouraging and Helping Others REALIZE, REACH and FULFILL their Large Dreams."
We change "Business" to "Life" for our life goals.

Boyd Merriman
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Posted at 1:15 PM on Sat 5 February 2011
I think you are definitely on the right track Boyd. It is not so much of 'what's in it for me' as it is, 'what kind of value I can add.

Allen Daniels
Posted at 3:59 AM on Sun 6 February 2011
This is indeed interesting listening.....

The cognition, that you can "Have Be and Do whatever you choose"

How you talk to yourself. determines how you think, how you think programs your actions, the way you perform, the way you perform deremines who you are and what you have...your financial freedom, your relationships, your health and longevity.

I have learned to look at this planet from a very different aspect or angle, when you learn the Truth you DO FEEL different you develope new nurotransmitters in the brain and your activities change, new relationships happen, how you talk to people changes you become a new person........


Posted at 9:55 AM on Thu 17 February 2011
ive joined GIN its the best thing that ive come across,and since the GIN cruise i know im in the right place,as i meet so many different people from all over the world who are members too.
My new life is just a dream away,and boy what a dream i have.
Hope everyones is as big.
Posted at 4:28 PM on Thu 17 February 2011
Greetings mate ill be in the next cruse as i have a free one next Jan, ill be seeing you are the level IV and V meetings in either Paris, Berlin or Vienna in July true? are you going mate? i heard we are going to be taught specific methods in energy transformation.

Ill talk to you on facebook mate ok...

Posted at 5:32 AM on Sun 20 February 2011
2 of the girls that were on the crusie have just signed up as memebrs,shows the power of GIN
Posted at 7:25 AM on Sun 20 February 2011
Excellent mate, are they single? things are that much easier if minds are like we both know...

Talk soon mate