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Lewis Collins (leader)
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Group NameThe Secret
DescriptionSovereigenty, Wealth and Freedom,

These are the core values of the Global Information Network, "Gin"....

Currently the Gin Council have announced a 2% bonus pool for anyone who joins Gin before the end of 2011, you will receive an attractive bundle amount each month for a period of 5 years.

Register for free as an affiliate then listen to the weekly affiliate audios that will be sent to your email on how to get involved.....

The goal or Vision of the Global Information Network is to be the worldwide communication center that will spread previously secret and hidden knowledge, knowledge that had previously been used by the ruling classes to keep the world uninformed, full of fear, impoverished and enslaved.

In educating the world with this information, The Global Information Network hopes to empower people to have, be or do everything and anything they desire.

Ultimately the outcome of these efforts will be the following: Happiness will increase, fear will fall away, people will become more prosperous than ever before, poverty, slavery, and despair will begin to vanish from the planet and violence and wars will cease to exist on planet earth.

There is a New World Order forming that is designed to increase the gap between the wealthy and the average working man.

GIN does not agree with this movement of total control over individuals.

GIN believes that EVERY person has the right to know the secrets of creating the life they want and enjoying freedom, pursuing happiness, and achieving all their dreams and desires.

If we live our lives in fear our bodies vibration is low and very easily controlled and minipulated, It is fair to say that this is also when our bodies are at risk of being plagued by Diseases and viruses. Our jobs as creative beings is to help one another, give supportive advice, communicate, acknowledge and express recognition.

We are here to express this in Detail and offer membership into this unique organisation of like minded positive individuals.

Membership in this organisation can be considered a business opportunity additionally there is available an Affiliate program (previously mentioned) and quite unique compensation plan.

However the real business decisions and friendships are formed at meetings, seminars and retreats which are all free for members and affiliates to attend and in the online members "Community" section where thousands of members share business ideas and form ventures together.

Go to....

Additionally membership in Gin entiltes members to a lifetime membership to ..... Where you have direct access to some of the worlds leading alternative doctors in their prospective fields.

This is an "Invite" only group....

Use the code lc00728...

Its up to us to engage, if you have further questions or enquiries be my guest please ask,

It is fair to say that the benefits are best experienced and felt within the organisation as members......

Best wishes


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