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I am an MLM Distributor, I am an MLM Company Owner
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My name is Gail Reynolds & I have been in the Direct Selling Industry since 2002. I love my life & I have the Network Marketing Industry to thank for that.
I aspire to inspire women worldwide to change their way of thinking and encourage their mind to think differently so they can do the same as I have. To wash away all the "Tosh" women may have been told or lead to believe in this industry. I have read hundreds of books and listened to tonnes of C.D's...But really they all seem to singing the same tune. I want to enter your hearts and your homes & families with my insightful ideas and basic steps on running a business from home, with or without kids and with or without a partner!
Trust is the 1st step-You need to trust that what you read in my books are "The truth and nothing but the truth". They are gifts of knowledge from me to you, after years in the business of running a family alongside my business I really have experienced the rough with the smooth.
Every year I run my business differently -NOT one year has ever been the same.
I will talk to you about changing YOUR wheel every now and then just to help it run smoother and look more stylish with the times.
I mean we don’t see the old "Wagon Wheels" on our beautiful Mercedes or Audi's do we....? No, not at all, in fact there is a huge choice of wheels out there!
In my books you will just read straight talking from a hard working woman-mom-wife that has exactly what she deserves out of life. A beautiful home, healthy happy children, and an amazing £6 million yearly turnover business (and it is still growing every year).
I was born in 71 so you do the maths on how young I am!
I have 3 children and have been married to Brian since 2003
We live by the seaside and have breakfast on our balcony overlooking the Weymouth Seaside.
I live close by to all my family and friends.
Now in 2011 I am about to share my experiences with you & give a little back to the women that have helped me get to where I am today. I am excited about becoming a world famous Author for Women in Business to take small pieces of me and my experience and knowledge to go forward and build their very own “Dream Lives”.

Within my MLM business
I have achieved some great thing here are a few
I have managed to accomplish since 2002. All have been done with true grit and determination to make it to the next goal in one piece!
We turned over £6 million
* We achieved a MERCEDES BENZ 220, CLC CLASS
* Winners of the Top 20 Fastest growing team in the UK achieving, Tickets to Berlin 2010
* 1st Position for the Fastest Growing Sales leader Down line Team in the UK
* 3rd Position for Highest Paid Sales Leaders in the UK
* 3rd Position for the Fastest Growing Active Representative Team in the UK
* In the news we have covered, the Sunday Express, the Daily Express, The Stylist Magazine, The local Echo...Also, live coverage on the Jeff Randall show in SKY NEWS

* We have personally purchased 2 New cars
* Achieved 5 All expenses paid holidays (Avon Incentives) Including trips to, BARCELONA, PRAGUE, MAJORCA, MONTE CARLO AND BERLIN & in 2012 Malta
* Team of the Year Award 2008-09
* Purchased Properties
* Sold properties
* Living in a dream home
* Highest Earners 2007
* Highest Earners 2008
* PC members 2004 to 2010
* Number 1 PC Elite members 2008 & 2009
* 1st Position Super League 2009
* 1st Position Highest Active Representative Growth 2009
* 2nd Position Highest Down Line Growth
* Winner of the New York All Expenses Paid Trip 2009 for achiviend the Highest number of recruits for 2009

We have been in the TOP 3 Senior Executive Sales Leaders since 2009 and have been part of Avon’s charity campaigns.
In 2008 I was in the top 10 sellers of the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade pins and products. And in November 2009 I met with Reese Witherspoon for afternoon tea In a London Hotel. Reese was here in the UK to raise further awareness towards women in domestic violence. I also covered several news paper editorials to raise awareness too.

We also aim to have several of our team reaching executive and senior levels too. We are all about team work and are currently running 4 training workshops for our team of over 220 sales leaders.
We now have a team of over 2500 representatives and have become the Number 1 biggest growing team of sales leaders in the UK for 2010 / 11.
To find out more about what we do and how we do it go to our blog or website
In 2012 I strive to become a fully published Author too
Favorite MLM Trainers/Speakers/Instructors:
I like to listen to The Secret
Lord Sugar
Favorite Authors:
Alan Sugar
Favorite Books:
Nuts and Bolts
Favorite Quotations:
If you say you can't you won't
If you say you can you might