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$300 automatically goes into the next Matrix/Cycle for another Walmart g...
Created: 10 year(s) ago
I will explain Phase One as simply as I can:

1) You need to enroll 2 affiliates into MPB Today to become commission qualified. Once enroll your 2nd affiliate you will receive a check of $100.00 from MPB Today. WE EARN: $50 per affiliate enrollment. NOTE: You only need to get 2 affiliates to be qualified forever!

2) We have something we call a Matrix, or 2x Super Matrix $200 (or Cycle). Each Matrix consists of having 6 affiliates in it for the $210 each. You can achieve this in two ways. A. Enroll all 6 affiliates. B. Enroll your first 2 affiliates and have those 2 enroll 2. The magic number for every Matrix/Cycle is 6. After this is completed you will EARN $300 commission BONUS and a $200 Walmart card. Now, keep in mind that $200 of your $300 automatically goes into the next Matrix/Cycle for another Walmart gift card or Grocery credit. You end up earning $100 commission bonus and a $200 Walmart card.

*For those who chose the grocery credit, at this point you may redeem your $200 online grocery credit from your back office with FREE shipping.

3) After you have completed your 1st Matrix/Cycle you are now put into your 2nd Matrix/Cycle. Now you will continue to bring on new affiliates for the $210. There are many great things about this.

Let me explain:

A. Spill-overs are when someone above you or your sideline brings someone on and they happen to fall in your Matrix. You will not get paid for spill-overs but they will help your Matrix/Cycle fill up. These spill-overs do not happen all of the time but it is a nice surprise.

B. Follow your sponsor Matrix means that once you cycle you will always follow your sponsor. This also means that once one of your Affiliates cycle they will follow you in the Matrix you are currently working on. This is a great thing since again, it fills a spot to help you cycle faster.