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ROI Unlimited...Changing Lives Across The Globe
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Posted 12:37 AM Tue 19 April 2011

ROI Unlimited is the fastest growing and most complete business opportunity in the world!! We are part of the $7 trillion Travel and Tourism Industry, the largest known to mankind. Our company is only 4 months, recently went live in more than 190 countries on March 18th, and have paid out more than $1 million to our associates over the last 4 weeks alone! With every passing day, we are setting a new record on the number of people joining our company. According to Alexa, the #1 independent company that monitors traffic to the almost 268 million websites on the World Wide Web, ROI Unlimited currently is ranked at number 9123 in the world, in individual countries are number are also very impressive, Russia 651, Finland 1272, Ireland 2079, Canada 2121, US 3940, Australia 4714,

Switzerland 6407, Italy 6569, Philippines 7503, and Spain 11109. This proves one thing for certain, our company has already begun to go viral, and I can assure you that this is not by accident or through some sudden stroke of pure luck. It's happening because ROI Unlimited is a very real company that provides all of our members with very valuable products and services, and through our partnership with travel giant, Hotels.Com, we have positioned ourselves to be a major player within this industry for a very long time!! Please take a moment to check out some of the incredible travel deals available on our members only travel portal, ROI Unlimited believes in providing all of our members with everything they need to become successful, and save money. We have put together a never before seen state of the art compensation plan that is second to no one, and coupled it with high quality, deeply discounted travel related products and services that the entire world loves and uses!! We pay out all commissions and bonuses weekly by either check or AlertPay. I welcome you to learn even more about our company and this outstanding business opportunity by joining me on one of our live update calls, Sun-Thur 9pm EST & Mon-Sat 2pm EST, 218-862-1300 Access Code: 102154. There are also live corporate calls scheduled every Tuesday at 8pm EST, and you are certainly more than welcome to listen in. Same phone number, and access code. Also, please take the ROI Unlimited tour, If I can answer any questions or address any concerns that may arise, please feel free to message me or contact me directly at the phone number or email address provided on my website..