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Convert Spare Time To Income!
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Posted 9:07 AM Thu 26 April 2012

“Can you make $500 a day?” or “Can I make $6.00 to $300 in one day using just 5 minutes of my time?”.

Based on a penny auction opportunity known as Zeekler, this company is skyrocketing in its’ popularity across the globe for a number of reasons. Many are beginning to create passive income from home in ways that they have never seen before. I see my passive income profits growing on a daily basis, and it creates more excitement and enthusiasm for the opportunity. That is why I made a decision to share the Zeek Rewards opportunity with others from across the globe. I am having SUCCESS here… and I want to see others share in this.

How does a penny auction work?

Simple. Just like on eBay there are items for sell and individuals place bids on them ranging from electronics to cars, televisions, stereos, appliances, cookware, and the list goes on. The difference with Zeekler Penny Auction program is people buy bids for dollars that count as pennies towards the items being bidded on. The last person to bid wins the item and pays the final bidding price.

There are timers counting down to zero and the bidding game is fun, highly engaging and could potent potentially result in mega savings for the last bidders as well as great profits for the company. A real life Zeekler testimonial is a winning story: Last bidder won a Mustang for $4000. And you won’t believe how much revenue was put into that bidding process? A staggering 400,000 worth!

ZEEKLER then takes 50% of that profit pool and shares it with affiliates as a reward for taking 2 minutes out of each day to copy and paste an ad that drives traffic to the site and exposes penny auction to hundreds and thousand of new potential bidders. The company keeps the other 50% for profit and more auction items in the future.

Zeek Rewards is Changing Lives

This is where ZEEK REWARDS comes in! ZEEK REWARDS is completely separate from ZEEKLER, as it is the affiliate side of the company. This is a new concept and the only MLM type of business where everyone can make great money, not just the top 3%, without even having to recruit or sell to anyone. If you do choose to recruit and participate, it’s just gravy on top of your main course so to speak.

3 Ways To EarnMoney With Zeek

Zeek’s Profit Pool Sharing – Earn an average of 1.5% daily on any inventory you put in. No recruiting necessary.
Zeek’s Percentage on Referrals – by showing others they can earn on the profit sharing pool just like you. 20% on monthly subscriptions, + 10% daily on first level profits, 5% daily on second level profits)
Zeek’s 2×5 Matrix – by getting a monthly commission on each person who falls in your forced matrix, whether personally recruited or not.
How can you maximize your profit sharing each day? By putting in more inventory in the form of “buying bids”. These bidresult in an equal amount of points and then dollars. 1 bid = 1 point = 1 dollar.

Regarding the stability of the Zeekler company itself: it was founded by Paul Burks through parent company Rex Venture Group LLC. They have been successfully in business for over 14 years now and own another successful company that is still in business today after being founded in 1997. They have never missed a check. They work closely in compliance with FTC guidelines and currently have three top MLM attorneys representing them to make sure they are ahead of the compliance curve.

Check out this testimonial from a person who has recruited Nobody! He had some cash to put into but wanted to let it work passively. Here is a piece of an email a friend of mine got from his sponsor:

“He put in $5,000 over a 3-week period, beginning June 17, then another $5,000 on July 6. The account had only made about $1,000 before the second $5,000 was put in, so basically it started with about $11,000 on July 7. And he profited $5,400 in the next 24 days after that.” Don’t forget – not one single referral!

Right now, he could withdraw $1,350 per month and still leave 80% of his money in Zeek Rewards. At the rate this is growing, he will be at $30,000 about 40 days from now because he’ll be earning a VIP bonus shortly. At $30,000, he can withdraw $3,000+ every single month, and his account will still grow.

He will get his original money back in roughly 3 months, possibly less because this company is growing so fast! There are more and more auctions, and the winning bids are increasing substantially.

Zeek Is Your Rewards of a Lifetime......Zeek Rewards is not an investment and should never be represented as such, but, since they pay you from their profits, and compound your earnings using those profifits, this could be the best money you could spend right now. You just happen to be in the right place at the right time, so join me and my growing eam, so we can work together and finally aachieve the success you've been searching for.

Contact me and I will show how it will change your life..........Let's go to my site and get started..........

To Your Success,

Barbara Harnsberger