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Use Talk Fusion to market your mlm
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Posted 3:46 PM Tue 10 January 2012

You can have a second income stream,using talk fusion as a marketing tool ! is a win/win situation.

If you are promoting for example ..amway,or organogold or another very good mlm opp.- you can use Talk Fusion-

Sending a video email ,using the subscription forms and the video responders to follow up your customers ,life conferencing and live broadcasting to talk face to face with associates and agents thousand miles far...

TalkFusion send you an email imediately when:::: somebody watch one of your self created video emails and even when the forwarded video email is watched ,,,telling you who and when.

There are ( built in) mlm template ready to use , and some day one of your amway or organogold customer or associate would like to use the same system you are using,because is nice ,because it works or just because he you will have an associate even in your talkfusion good is that.

The executive package is just 250$ life time + 35$ a month ,i mean is not like jumping from a plane (eh eh)

And since 20 days we have a new product ,,fusion on the go ! is an iphone/ipad application that allow you to send videoemails from wherever you are.

If you want a video email sample,can msg me email address (i will keep it safe) and mlm (organogold ,herbalife etc)

i will look for the specific template, and i will be glad to create a video email for you

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