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Posted 12:43 PM Sat 14 May 2011

Groupon HAS "MAJOR COMPETITION" Knocking on it's DOOR!!

A new version of the Groupon concept is scheduled to launch within 30, to 60 days, WITH one major difference, THE CUSTOMER ADVANTAGE as they're called, IS quietly ASSEMBLING A MASSIVE ARMY OF Distribution that is currently growing by 1500 free reps per day, they claim the Co. will have 500,000 members by the end of March.

The 59,000 dollar question is, Will Groupon lose market share to this new competitor? "that remains to be seen", when I spoke with one of it's founding Members David Reid, he sure seems to think so! as he explains it like this. " There is no doubt the Groupon concept works, putting the consumer back in the drivers seat is not only smart business, but in my opinion, Printing 50% off Coupons will have a much better chance at stimulating our economy than the White House plan of printing worthless legal tender.

He goes on saying, "72% of all Jobs in America are created by small businesses. This 50 to 80% off concept allows the consumer to tell the retailers we're back in charge, if you want our business? stop advertising on T.V. Radio News Papers & Magazines, not only is this method of advertising costly, BUT I CAN ASSURE YOU IT IS OUTDATED & THE RETURN ON INVESTMENT IS MINISCULE AT BEST!! This concept also tells the retailers if they want a real bang for their advertising dollars, this is the new way & by repositioning those advertising dollars in the form of Coupons Savings Back to consumers, its a win win for all."

He had this to ad, "THE CUSTOMER ADVANTAGE is fueled by a growing FREE membership OF Network Marketers who are not only clients, but they are the exclusive marketing arm. This is the most powerful form of word of mouth", WHY I asked?? "SIMPLE he replies, OUR LIPS ARE PAID FOR. HE GOES ON SAYING Reps get paid 5% of all of their network using coupons, 5% may not sound like much, BUT providing your team recruits just 2 FREE people per month (WHO USE THE COUPONS), you get paid unlimited reps front line (WIDE), and through 5 tiers down or generations.

LETS SAY THEY ALL USE A 50.00 DOLLAR COUPON per mo. well this will generate 88,000 dollars per month income, & the only thing everyone needs to do is share it with others, it's that easy!! How many people need extra income?? & how many would like to save 50 to 80% on products & services they would have purchased at full price?? THIS IS FOR EVERYONE!!"

In closing I will say this, it will be an interesting horse race for sure! The outcome of more competition will make for a better product. I will not be surprised if THE CUSTOMER ADVANTAGE will become the next big deal everyone's talking about, for the time being Goupon remains a force to contend with, however had it been me, I most likely would have taken the 6 Billion dollar offer from Google and sailed off into the sunset. There's no question this new form of advertising is catching on, consumers will have a good reason to spend again, NOT TO MENTION IT SEEMS THE AMERICAN ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT IS ALIVE & WELL, & THAT IS SOMETHING WE SHOULD ALL BE THANKFUL FOR.

Now maybe you see why this may just make History!