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0MLM (Zero MLM) free opportunity
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Posted 1:04 AM Mon 9 May 2011

0mlm is an online marketing business in true sense having digital products selling through their 5 different websites namely: Dating, E-books, Poker Gaming, Magic & Finance. Top of it tis business is FREE to join so no risk. All 5 websites are sub domains given to its members. Through which members will advertise their web pages and 0ml will pay them 3 types of income 1) Adverts income, 2) Affiliate income and 3) Digital product sale commission. Since all products are digital so there is no shopping or handling charges o r extra cost on 0mlm. Webs back office area is very intentionally designed keeping long term vision in mind. Till date no spam is posted on any of the search engines. 0mlm is not yet officially launched and announced their launching on 4th of July 2011, its doesn't seems to be any harm in trying this online business home based opportunity. It seems to be working on the same ground like GDI (selling website domain to their individual member and businesses as well) but giving sub-domain for free and trying to sale digital products. If it succeeds sure revolutionizing mlm & network marketing industry.

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Posted 1:14 AM Mon 9 May 2011
Already a 0mlm affiliate Rudy, and have no doubt that in this day and age where most people would welcome an opportunity that will generate an additional revenue stream without having to spend one penny, this company will become enormously successful!! Best of luck!!
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Posted 2:58 AM Mon 9 May 2011
sure it will, thanks and good luck too!!