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Starting your own MLM company takes money, time, and effort. Choosing the right product and/or service; compensation plan; software; and legal team is critical. Find the answers to these important questions and more here. NO ADS!

Building An MLM Company
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Posted 10:24 PM Sat 21 August 2010

I have been toying with the idea of turning my social networking company sometime by the end of the year or the beginning of next into either an affiliate or MLM company. Still in the early phases of this idea, and I wanted to find out if there are any legal and financial regulations that I would have to follow for my business to make this transistion? Any resources or insights are appreciated. Thanks!

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Posted 10:25 PM Sat 21 August 2010
Just to clarify, since I forgot to put it in the post and this might be relevant to some answering this. I provide social networking services and education for other businesses.
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Posted 8:37 PM Mon 23 August 2010

Andy, you definitely want to dot your I's and cross your T's. We're in a heavily scrutinized and regulated industry, and you want to be prudent when launching an MLM. There's no doubt that you'll want to work with an MLM Attorney (I highly recommend Gerald Nehra, an MLM Complan Consultant, and invest in good MLM Software. Plan on spending at least $50K in order to get something decent off the ground. You can do it on the cheap, but I see these kinds of companies going in and out of business all the time.

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Posted 8:41 PM Mon 23 August 2010
50,000 just to get an MLM off the ground. Wow! Affiliate marketing sounds a lot more feasible to start then. The costs drop to around 1000. Thank you David for your great info!
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Posted 6:09 AM Mon 10 January 2011
Hello Andy, I just found this since I recently joined this group. I am intrigued by your idea and I am sure that many people in MLM has toyed with the idea of starting their own business.

But then they begin to think, wow, I got into MLM because I want to retire and have residual income, not run a business!

But if you insist.

My advice is to read "Success in 10 Steps" by Michael Dlouhy. It is free, and his advice is free to anyone in any MLM business who wants to learn.

He'll help you find the Five Pillars of a good MLM business whether you want to find a business right for you to join or start your own. He will question why you would want to start your own, but that is your Big Dream and nobody will stop you from that.

Down load the book here http:.// and read it all the way through. It will take you about a couple of hours to read. We'll contact you later to find out if you got the ebook OK and are reading it. Then we'll give you some more information on the MLM business so you can build it right.

What we do not need is another MLM business that goes to pot. We love to see succees in anyone's business.

We will NOT Try to get you into our businesses or even discuss or mention our business. We just want you to build a business with integrity, and make sure you take care of your people. After all, your front line is who is catching the canon balls, so they should get paid, not laid.

Boyd "Mentor with a Heart" Merriman

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Posted 8:09 AM Mon 10 January 2011

I appreciate the information! I actually read this ebook a few years ago. I already own a business, and am having fun doing it. My idea was to expand what I am doing through an MLM approach. I have changed it slightly in the past few months, since this post was originally written. I might still want to go that route eventually, but it is in the distant future.
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Posted 12:22 AM Fri 14 March 2014
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Posted 11:05 AM Sat 16 June 2018

ishboo 3 years ago
I have friends who make $200,000 a year with network marketing. They do well and have built a large portion of that working from home, but not necessarily doing what you think they would. Almost 90% of that was from buying leads and calling them EVERY SINGLE DAY! They are a husband and wife team, but they only work 30 hours week between them COMBINED. It took them two years. But it was every day. Most online stuff being taught to build an MLM is designed for people who won't do what I just shared with you. You need 800,000 Twitter followers and 800 sqeeze pages and 100,000 FB friends, because you simply don't wish to talk to 100 people a day on the phone. or meet people face-to-face when going about your day.


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Posted 12:52 PM Sun 2 May 2021
Network marketing has its own specifics and the nature of business organization. MLM companies save on many things, but at the same time, they acquire other concerns that are not faced by representatives of the classic business.

For example, in multi-level marketing, the need to buy advertising is reduced, as the product is popularized by distributors. They also form and reinforce a positive brand image. It is important for the company's leaders to set up step-by-step training of partners, maintain activity and stabilize the work of the structure.