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Hello folks
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Posted 9:55 AM Mon 31 January 2011


Good moorning from sunny Lisbon-Portugal. I have joined this network just now, not knowing yet what to do, how to meet good people is to find out.

I am 42, unemployed (yet) and I spare my time between Lisbon and Erica, a nice village by the sea. I am an animal Production specialist and, recently I took a master in Marketing.

That´s so far what to say about me. any more informations, just feel free to ask.

I love the sea, traveling (money is a problem now...) and read. For me, life is all about people and how to seed a smile...

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Posted 10:13 AM Mon 31 January 2011
Hello Luis, and welcome to the site. You will find many wonderful and friendly people hear. Send me a message any time, I would love to get to know you better, find out what an animal production specialist is nad what it must be like living by the sea. My husband and I love the sea as well and actually my business is travel so we have much in common. Have a wonderful day and again, welcome.
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Posted 10:34 AM Mon 31 January 2011
Hello Angie. Thanks for your warm welcome. I was invited by somebody I don't know. What's is all thios about? Can you help me a bit.
Well a animal production specialist is somebody who helps farmers basicly on several farming aspects. My field is animal nutrition. But, in live I have donne so many things...even life guarding (summer job), farming, etc.
Living by the sea is someting that for me is essential. I love the thing!
Travel, meet new people and cultures, open my mind is something I do like. shame that, lately due my unemployment, I can afford to travel. Well if you need a hand over this side of the world...let me know. I am good on dealling with people.
Thanks and keep in toutch

PS-Sorry my english