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Hello from NY I am new to Network Marketing
[User Deleted]
Posted 7:31 AM Sat 18 December 2010

I was injured at work in July and I am still unfortunately healing. Duriing my healing process I called a friend I knew who had huge success with Isagenix. This company offers nutrtional wellness through cleansing and replenishing the body. I lost 12 inches in 8 days using Isagenix and I feel the best I have in years. I have more energy and mental clarity plus I am getting better sleep. Then I learned about their compensation plan and decided to join forces with my sponsor to build a business to acquire financial and personal freedom.

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Posted 9:55 AM Sat 18 December 2010
Hi Nicole and welcome to MLMSocial. Sorry to hear about your work related injury. I hope you were able to get workman's compensation.

I am happy to hear that MLM is helping you to get out of your unfortunate situation, and into a much better one. I have to say, 12 inches in 8 days is unbelievable! That almost sounds unsafe, but knowing that your energy levels, sleep and clarity have improved would point otherwise. I will have to look into them.


[User Deleted]
Posted 11:27 AM Sat 18 December 2010

Yes go to my website Watch the video on the home page then click Isavideo tab and click compensation plan. We can get you started immediately!! If you are interested I can set up a conference call with you and my team to explain in more detail HOW TO BECOME AND EXECUTIVE IN 6 MONTHS!! I have only been doing this one month and already had a rank advancement and bonus. We also get paid weekly!!

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Posted 10:25 PM Mon 20 December 2010

Hello Nicole from NY. What type of injury did you have at work? I worked in Radiology for 33 yrs. I recently had cervical spine surgery. I am not liking this collar. But thanks to a product of the company I am with I am on a fast road to recovery.

Best wishes to you.