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After you've introduced yourself, please post a welcome message to the person's post before yours. This way, nobody gets left out. Plus, you'll grow your own social network. Keep it going. Don't drop the ball! This is a place for new members to introduce themselves and for existing members to welcome fellow members! Please tell us a little about yourself, your goals, where you're from, what MLMs you belong to (if any), your favorite food, you get the idea! Speak your mind and get to know one another. NO ADS!

Hi Everyone! Curtis Here From Balmy Phoenix, AZ!
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Posted 11:11 AM Sun 21 November 2010

Hi All,

I just wanted to drop by to say hi to everyone on a lazy Sunday morning.

(Hopefully, soon every day will be like a Sunday, right?)

This MLM Social is di NO Mite! Its ten times better then Facebook, because its made up

of ALL like-minded people. Help us to get the word out in the industry so we can grow t

o at least 100,000 members next hear!

If you have an MLM opportunity to promote, just create a complete profile FIRST that includes

your referral links, and contact information. (A pic helps to make you real and genuine.)

Then, just be friendly!

Don't hesitate to take the first step by INTRODUCING YOURSELF to other members. They are

here to SOCIALIZE and want to hear from you, so they can tell you about what it is they are

REALLY here for, right?

Some are l@@king to start something new.

Others are l@@king for information.

Some are here to just make new friends.

You can NEVER have too many real friends in this industry. Post a message on my wall

about your MLM offer, and say hi. Especially, if its about a way to get FREE or inexpensive

advertising and traffic!

I've set my goal to have 100 friends within my 30 days! This business is all about setting

and reaching goals, right? Why not try setting a few goals yourself. They will motivate you t

o stay focused on the ultimater goal, FINANCIAL AND/OR TIME FREEDOM!

Most of all, just enjoy life! Its much too short as it is to sweat the small stuff!


Curtis Frierson

P.S. Visit my blogs for great places to advertise

This post has been deleted.
This post has been deleted.