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Hello from Houston Texas U.S.A. !
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Posted 1:55 PM Wed 20 October 2010

Hello Everyone !

I am here to share whatever little wisdom I derived from more than twenty years
in the network marketing industry. Needless to say I have gone through the ropes
in this business. I am looking for network marketers who do not want to go through
and commit the same mistakes that I made, like losing money, precious time and effort
with companies that promise a lot but could not deliver.

I learned my lessons the hard way, and I want to share them to anybody who wants
to listen.

Have a nice day, do a good deed, and stay in touch.

Ariston P Awitan, M.D.
713-392-5493 (anytime)
Skype: doctony1932 (night time)

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Posted 9:57 AM Wed 27 October 2010
Hi, Ariston! Welcome to

Glad to hear you've learned how to be successful in our industry. I'm sure whatever pearls of wisdom you have to offer will be greatly appreciated by the others members of our community (experienced or otherwise). Looking forward to learning more about you!

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Posted 11:47 AM Wed 10 November 2010
Hi Laura,
Thank you for the nice and encouraging comment.
Most important I learned through the years are:
1. Our health is our best wealth. That's why I take products that I also poromote at:
2. I choose what I eat to stary healthy. So I use the products and promote them too of this company:
3. I can make money better by doing this business below, where I do not have to chase prospects (which I am tired of dling in the past):

Thank you so much,

Ariston P Awitan, M.D.
Skype: doctony1932 (night time only)
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