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Hello From Southern California!
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Posted 5:06 PM Mon 8 February 2010

Hello ALL! My name is Andy and i m 26 years old. Been in Networking for 5 years now...incredible and interesting Journey i must say!! I look forward to connect and share ideas/tips with all of you!! :)



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Posted 2:47 PM Fri 12 February 2010
Hey, Andy! I'm so glad to hear about your background! I had been wondering...

Looking forward to hearing more about your business and success. I'm pleased to officially welcome you to!
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Posted 5:44 PM Fri 12 February 2010
Thank you Laura! As of right now i m in Gano Excel marketing Ganoderma Lucerdim, by far the best product that i have ever seen that benefits the human mind and body!! :) How long have you been working in the industry?