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4 Killer Tips To Nail Facebook
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Posted 9:07 PM Sat 8 January 2011

We all know that Facebook is the fastest growing social media site on the planet That translates to an infinite amount of leads for your business. The trick is how do you get those leads? I am going to give you some basic Facebook marketing methods that work wonders for lead generation.

#1 One thing you want to avoid, as a new marketer on Facebook, do not blast your business opportunity to every new contact you make. You can tell who the new marketers are on Facebook. They will post endless promotions of their business opportunity. Spamming your opportunity will usually turn most people away.

When I am sent a friend request with a message telling me about their awesome opportunity, I always ignore the request. I am a marketer myself and I do not like to be sold. Most people on Facebook feel the same way. Facebook was designed to be a social site to exchange ideas, information and to develop relationships and trust. When you have developed trust then the opportunity to present your business will appear. The conversation will always lead to "What is it that you do?" That is the time to present your opportunity. I'm willing to bet that your up line would be appalled if you told them they shouldn't blast the business to every contact on the net. More than likely Your up line wants you to tell everybody you make contact with about your opportunity. When you market off line that technique may work for you but it will not work on Facebook.

#2 Add some value to the social scene.

This goes back to #1, instead of constantly posting your business opportunity 20 times a day, post some educational material or links to one of your blog posts. Help other people to build their business on line by creating some useful content. This technique will make you look like a "Go to" person instead of a pushy sales person. I'm telling you this because I had to learn this lesson for myself. Within a short period of time I realized that blasting my opportunity to everyone was not working. I then learned what Attraction Marketing was all about. I learned I had to add value to the community then people would be Attracted to what I had to say. I could only present my business plan after I had established trust. I know this goes against traditional marketing but traditional marketing doesn't work in the on line arena.

#3 Target your prospects.

To build your business using social sites you should go after other mlm people. Why should you connect with other mlm people? We all know that this is a tough business and that 97% will quit within the first year. The value added, that I talked about earlier, comes into play now. Show someone how to get leads for their business and you have already out shined their up line. Do you think that person you helped might want to listen to what you have to say. When you can show them how to get results they will eventually follow you. This means the more value you provide them the more they see you as a leader and will do whatever you want them to do. Primarily join YOUR opportunity!

#4 Join groups.

Look for groups that are formed for network marketing. Groups are easy to find on Facebook. Just put the name of a mlm company in the search bar. Once you find the group you want to connect with, hit the "See all members" button. In the new window you can see the members who are involved in that particular group. Select the "Add as a friend" option. A new window will open and look for the "Send a personal message" option. Select that option and a message box will open. Type in a short note, then hit "Send Message". You will get a better response by typing a note.

People love to hear complements about themselves. Check out their profile, before sending the note, complement them on something like pictures of kids or just a comment about their profile. The note doesn't have to be long. You could send something like, "Nice profile. I see you are a fan of xyz company. Would you like to connect to trade ideas on building our businesses? Have a awesome day!" Never use the friend request as a business promotion. Don't even mention your opportunity. You should use this technique to connect with 50 people everyday.

I've just given you 4 tips that bring me daily leads from Facebook. Please feel free to adopt these techniques in your on line marketing efforts. Struggling with making money in MLM but still doing EVERYTHING
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Posted 12:45 AM Sun 9 January 2011
Those are some good tips, I just watched some awesome facebook training for MLM and Got some similar tips
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Posted 9:21 PM Mon 10 January 2011
Connect your Facebook marketing with the rest of your marketing campaign. Facebook does not, and should not exist in a vacuum!