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Using postcards to market your business.
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Posted 11:12 PM Thu 19 January 2012

I believe one of the most overlooked and perhaps the least expensive ways to market you business is by the use of postcard mailings. They perform better than other direct mailings as folks just naturally will look and read what is on the card rather than opening a letter, if they do at all..

How about all that junk mail you've been throwing in your garbage can. We all need good quality leads to market our business too. They may be showing up in your postal mail box daily.

Check out my blog on Postcard Marketiing. You may be throwing your next team member in the carbage.

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Posted 1:03 PM Mon 23 January 2012
What are the typical costs for a postcard run and how do you get all the addresses on the postcards?

Also, I would not put any sort of MLM blog on - they have an automatic scanner that has cut my account ore than once.
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Posted 2:20 PM Mon 23 January 2012

The postcards I get them from vista prints.. Think my last order was for 500 and run about $75 including shipping and all that. One could send out more but I usually send out around 60-80 cards a week...Stamps are $0.29 each.

You can have them print and mail but is not recommended. Looks too much like some form mass mailings. Personally address or peel and stick labels and a physical stamp works better. If you print and mail you can upload your leads to them and they do the work of printing the names on cards, postage, etc. for a price...never use that service.

As to addresses it's a little time consuming but not bad.. I get names off junk mail I receive and send them a card and also buy small lots of leads. No more that you will use in 2-3 weeks. I like to test different sources so don't stick to one source for direct mail leads.

I make my mailings about once a week...they are productive for leads but don't rely on just that one source for leads.

Thanks a bunch for the tip about over there now to make changes..