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eMail marketing. What are your experience?
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Posted 6:52 PM Mon 14 November 2011

What are your experience with eMail marketing? What's your ROI and conversion rate?

I'm considering in doing some email marketing and looking for some pointers and advice on what to expect with this method of advertising.

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Posted 10:00 PM Fri 23 December 2011
Hello Bee,

How are you? When yo say email marketing, are you talking about mailing your own list, solo ads, safelists or what?
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Posted 6:05 PM Wed 11 January 2012
Hi Anthony

I'm was referring to email lead list. Do share any experience with any of the methods you mention.
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Posted 5:58 PM Wed 21 November 2012
Hello Bee

Nice to meet you. Email Marketing does work but regarding to email a lead lIst the best convertions rates are if you call them (much better convertion ratios). There are free and paid email marketing. Free email marketing can be productive on credit safelists if you have a system with a good splash page and that can bring some value to the people who opt-in, but the best email marketing is paid email marketing with solo ads. The question is where, right?