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Andy Nathan (leader)
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Event Name A Night Of Questions
Event Description Have you ever wanted to get started in social networking but did not know where or how to begin? Tired of webinars and seminars that only introduce the latest product or process, stopping short of actually being useful?

Then you will want to learn about an amazing training called A Night Of Questions. Andrew Nathan of Smart at the Start and Lisa M. Blacker, founder of Friends from the Underground and Lisa M. Blacker’s Business Co...nsulting & Social Media Services are sponsoring these one night events designed around your questions about social networking.

Every person in attendance can ask at least TWO questions, and we will answer as many of those questions as possible in the two hours remaining. Additionally, any questions unanswered will be answered on a private group aptly named A Night Of Questions at

After you enroll in this webinar we will send you a short survey so you can tell us what topics are of interest to you.

Questions can be in any of the following areas:

* How to Navigate Facebook
* How to Navigate LinkedIn
* How to Navigate Twitter
* The Branding Benefits of Social Networking
* The Power of Content
* Article Marketing
* Podcasts
* Wordpress Blogs
* How to Find Quality Friends, Followers, and Connections
* Chat it up! (Facebook, Skype, and Yahoo)
* Mobile Marketing
* Email Marketing
* Location-Based Social Networks
* Social Bookmarking
* Forums for All Niches
* NEW! Social Networking On Your Terms Promotion Strategies

Generally clients pay us $125 per hour for answering their questions about social networking.

Join us for the special, ridiculously low price of just $20 – LESS THAN 1/5 THE COST OF ONE HOUR OF ONE-ON-ONE CONSULTATION – for this revealing social networking webinar that will cover everything from the basics of how to use social media including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to the inside secrets of building online professional relationships that can put money in your pocket.

We have set up two dates for September.

Monday September 20 7-9 PM
Wednesday September 29 7-9 PM

In order to join us for the event, you must register at

Additionally, we have created a social networking site for you to meet other business professionals and entrepreneurs looking to grow their business. Go to SocialNetworkingOnYourTerms today to connect with people today!

Again, in order to join us for the event, you must register at

Looking forward to seeing you there!
Event Date/Time Mon 20 September 2010 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Host Social Networking On Your Terms
Location Online<br /><br />Registration through Eventbrite:
Event Type Social Networking