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Fred DiNucci (leader)
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Event Name MPB Today Live Company Call...Groceries, Gas, And A Great Income
Event Description Join us on a live call to learn more about MPB Today. the # 1 rated home based business opportunity for 2011. We will provide an explanation our company; exactly what we do, and how our associates earn big money with the most easily duplicable program in the network marketing industry .
MPB Today is the direct marketing branch of Southeastern Delivery, a rapidly growing home grocery delivery service. The main product being food. This industry is now at $1 Billion per year and projected to grow to more than $80 Billion per year during the next 5 years. Southeastern Delivery is on its way to becoming one of the biggest in this industry and we are currently in the process of opening hubs throughout the US and Canada.
Now is your chance to learn why MPB Today has grown to over 77,000 representatives in just 12 months, making it the fastest growing network marketing company in the US. and it's not just because we have a way to eliminate gas and food bills. The largest monthly expense for most people after paying their mortgage or rent is groceries, which on average already runs between $600-$800. Food costs are up over 30% during the past 12 months, and due to the rise in the CPI will continue to increase by double digit percentages over the next 4 years!! For most people, that spells out big time trouble.
MPB Today is a home based business that anyone can run with great success because it just makes sense!! It doesn't matter whether you are an experienced network marketer or someone just starting out, this program will generate you income. If I can do this, anyone can. Don't take my word for it, join me on the call Thursday, June 9th at 9pm EST and then get all your questions answered by calling, 321-328-0809.

Spanish call scheduled for every Wednesday night, 9pm EST, same number and access code.

712-432-8773 access code: 88128812#
Event Date/Time Thu 9 June 2011 from 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Event Type Affiliate Marketing