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Fred DiNucci (leader)
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Event Name Webinar
Event Description Building Your MPB Today Business

Learn more about MPB Today. Explanation of our business. What we do. How we make money.

MPB Today is the direct marketing branch of Southeastern Delivery, a grocery home delivery service. The main product being food. The industry is now at 1 Billion dollars and expected growth will be around 80 Billion within the next 5 years. Southeastern Delivery is on its way to being one of the biggest in this ...industry with it opening branches throughout the US.

Now is your chance to learn why this company has grown to over 75,000 representatives in such a short time. And, it's not just because we have a way to mostly eliminate our gas and food bills. Two of the most expensive cost outside of a mortgage and rent payments.

MPB Today is a home based business that anyone can run with great success. It doesn't matter whether you are experienced in network marketing or not. If I can do this anyone can. Don't take my word for it, register for the webinar to see for yourself!!

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Saturday, May 21, 9 PM EST
Event Date/Time Sat 21 May 2011 from 8:55 PM to 9:55 PM
Event Type Prospecting