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Edison the snow fla­kes on this ­website is t­otally annoy­ing! can som­ebody take i­t off! this...
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the snow fla­kes on this ­website is t­otally annoy­ing! can som­ebody take i­t off! this...
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MLM Distributor
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I am an MLM Distributor, I am an MLM Company Owner, I am an MLM Vendor
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6a Armedu Townhomes, Rosemarie Lane, Kapitolyo
Pasig City
National Capital Region
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Genesis Pure
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Core-8 International Marketing Corporation
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very person has its own story to tell, so I’ll tell you a little bit about me.

<-- Family -->

I lived in Pasig City, Philippines with my wife and my son.

<-- Occupation -->

I’m a Social Media Entrepreneur and a Internet Network Marketer. It’s been my career since mid of 2010.

Before I was a Social Media Entrepreneur and an Internet Network Marketer I worked as web programmer, designer and graphic artist for 10 years. Then in 2009 I started a traditional business which is my printing business. But doing traditional business is absolutely hard compare on doing an internet network marketing business because you don’t have leverage in this type of business and you had to do all the tasks needed such as becoming a delivery man, sales agent, account, etc. One man team in other words! To make the long story short – the hardship of doing a traditional business had push me to become a Social Media Entrepreneur. That’s how I evolved.

<-- Passion and Personality -->

I’m techie savvy IT guy but I’m more in love in the subject of Home Based Business, Marketing, Social Media, and Personal Development. I’m an introvert person but absolutely friendly. I’m a fan of Robert Allen, Robert Kiyosaki, Mike Dillard, Peter J. Daniels, Joel Osteen, and Dani Johnson. I learn alot from these people and they had tremendously influence me that’s why I became an social media entrepreneur and an internet network marketer.

When we talk about my passion, it seems to revolve around:

Social Networking / Relationship Marketing – I really love meeting new people and this is the best way to connect to them.

Learning and Teaching – I love to impart what I’ve learned so that people will benefits on the information that I imparted.

Writing – Well I totally hate writing but it became my passion when I started to become a social media entrepreneur.

Creating a Tribe / Community – this will be my next goal.

Internet Marketing – there’s a lot of opportunity here I a totally want to share it to others.

Lastly - Helping people achieve their potential. Many people are suffering because of ignorance they thought that life revolves around their JOB and they can no longer do their passion because their job are eating way their time. Many families are suffering because one parent (specially the father) must sacrifice his time for his children in order to make money to pay all the bills and debts. In this the kind of life that we really want? I believe that majority of people wants more time to do their passion and more time with their family. I’ve seen a lot of people succeeded in this area. Even I, quit my high paying job in order to achieve it. It’s been two years already.

It’s my desire to impart the things that I’ve learned and this blog is a place for me to get some stuff I’ve been thinking to come out, to write a few relections on life, theory of some aspect of personal development, observations, stories, experiences and accounts on what I’ve been doing and observing.
Activities and Interests:
Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, Social Media, Blogging, Reading Books, Listening to Audio Books, Graphics Design, Prospecting, Connecting with Like Minded and Success Minded People
Favorite MLM Trainers/Speakers/Instructors:
Mike Dillard, Jerry Chen, Dani Johnson
Favorite Authors:
Dani Johnson, Mike Dillard, Robert Kiyosaki, John Maxwell, Dale Carnegie
Favorite Books:
How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, Street Smart Network Marketing by Robert Butwin
Favorite Quotations:
"Your life should live by design not by default. Know your gifting, talents, and skills. Live according to your passion"