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Posted: Mon 21 February 2011 - 1 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]

The answer......IRP. Mark Seyforth, the brains behind One24, put together the first IRP (Incentivized Referral Plan) in the industry. Simply put, the IRP pays you to refer people to One24. OK, so that in itself doesn't sound any different than other network marketing programs. However, when you break down the IRP you see that it truly is one of a kind. What sets the IRP apart from all other compensation plans in network marketing companies is how it is structured.

The biggest difference is the amount of money put into the IRP. One24, LLC. puts 50% of the company's revenue into the compensation plan. This is absolutely unheard of in this industry. Most network marketing companies pay their members 28% to 34% of their revenue.  This is revenue not the profit they make!

The second thing that sets the IRP apart is the single line matrix. Basically put, everyone who joins One24 is in a single downline and will get paid off of everyone who joins the company after them. So if John Doe enrolls someone in One24, I get paid...regardless of the fact that I had nothing to do with the signup. What? Yes, it is true.  Over 5,500 people have enrolled in One24 so far in February and I only had something to do with 1 of those 5,500....yet I will get paid off all 5,500!!!

The third thing that sets the IRP apart from all other network marketing pay plans is the green ticket. A green ticket is what allows someone to join One24. Each member of One24 gets a total of 24 green tickets when they enroll and can redeem one per month. Just one. This allows them to bring in one new person each month. Seriously, who can't find one person per month that is interested in making money? What this green ticket program does is make it simple for anyone to succeed. Unlike most network marketing companies where you need to personally enroll many people in order to make any money, One24 is setup so that you can only enroll one person per month and can still build a HUGE financial income.

I haven't even mentioned the gold rush. This happens toward the end of each month. At this time, any unused green tickets become available for the taking. This allows you to immediately enroll as many people as you can, as long as there are unused green tickets out there. The gold rush is your opportunity to fast track your business in order to build up a tremendous income in a very short period of time.

The IRP is the reason I am always telling people that One24 is the best home based business. Now that you understand a little more about how the IRP works, I am sure you are in agreement with me. To find out all about the One24 home based business, please visit

Wishing YOU much SUCCESS

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I joined One24 for compensation not the product. Of course after using the product I also see the great health benefits it gives me. So now, I am here for the opportunity it offers me and that is health and wealth.

I truly believe this is the best retirement plan I have ever seen; a $70 a month investment that in turn could yield $100,000 a month or more. At my job I was putting 12% (maxing out what the IRS allows to put in) of my pay into my 401K. When I am able to retire in 25 more years, I will receive a residual income of $85,000 a year. That's if the market does not take another DIVE and I continue to max out my 401K each year.  
But then I saw One24 and now I am looking at retiring in TWO years and NOT 25 years and possibly bringing home $100,000 a MONTH not a year!
All I did was make a decision to improve my outcome. If I am only 10% successful, that can still mean a $10,000 a month income! Where else can you be 105 successful and have a great income stream?
Let’s work together and help each another. We may need to change some perspectives out there but this is a TWO year plan designed for everyone to succeed.
Join me and my TEAM and give yourself a chance at FINANCIAL FREEDOM and Better HEALTH