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Brother I Owned &­ Operated An­ "MLM"­ Company In ­2004-2005.
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I Owned &­ Operated An­ "MLM"­ Company In ­2004-2005.
Updated: 9 year(s) ago

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Hundreds of happy distributors who sponsor dozens of happy distributors
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John Tyler
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I Owned An "MLM" Company in 2004-2005.

I'll Tell You What Distributors Don't Know And Owners Won't Tell You:

"How To Recruit The Most Skeptical People Like A Master Hypnotist,

And Make Them Work Overtime To Please You,

While Making You Lots Of Money."

How is the real money made in MLM?

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Most people don't bother to ask me... but some do.
And they're glad they did.

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Activities and Interests:
Islam, Muslims, tai chi chuan, MLM, real MLM success, best MLM company, generic MLM training, MLM online, generic MLM training, MLM lead list, free MLM training, MLM advertising, top MLM company, free MLM advertising, MLM lead generation, Kaleem-Ullah Abdullah, home based business
Favorite Books:
Koran, Bible, Autobiography Of Malcolm X, Pimp The Story Of My Life, Roots, Miseducation Of The Negro, Souls Of Black Folk, Purification Of The Heart, Islam In Focus, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Why We Want You To Be Rich, Art Of Power, Art Of War, Up From Slavery, Why Black People Tend To Shout, What Black People Should Do Now, Live Rich, Bozo Sapiens, Losing The Race, Outliers, Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man, The Secret Of Selling Anything
Favorite Quotations:
"God does not play dice with the universe." "If you don't go out and get yourself something, you're gonna get what's coming to you."
Favorite Music:
R and B, smooth jazz, hip hop, nasheeds, jazz
Favorite Movies:
American Gangster, American Pimp, An Inconvenient Truth, Farenheit 911, The Secret, What The Bleep Do We Know, Crash, Glory, Malcolm X, 48 Hours, Pursuit Of Happyness, Imitation Of Life, Blazing Saddles, Carmen Jones, Formula 51, Color Purple, Soul Men, Talk To Me, Hotel Rwanda, Dreamgirls, Great Debaters, Hustle And Flow
Favorite TV Shows:
American Gangster, Everybody Hates Chris, Comic View, The Game, Sanford And Son, Good Times, Jeffersons, Sports Center, Dog The Bounty Hunter, Barrett-Jackson Auction, Flip This House, Boondocks, Cosby Show