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4 Secrets To Build Unlimited Traffic To Your Simple Blog
4 Secrets To Build Unlimited Traffic To Your Simple BlogIf you are anything like my dream was to have tens of thousands of followers and scores of new blog visitors every single day. For most people it’s just a dream, why do others make it a reality. So what we are going to look at here are...
Some Networkers are Jerks
Let's be honest. Sometimes we networkers deserve the bad reputation that our industry gets because we act like morons when we approach people. Here's a quick story that just happened to me this week: I got a message from a guy on Facebook who said he had seen me in a top...
2 Tips That WIll Increase Your Closing Ratio
No matter how good you think are with recruiting, you’re never going to be able to close 100% of your leads into your network marketing business, but you should have no problem improving your closing ratios with these helpful tips. Before I just give you the closing ratio formula, you...
Do's And Don'ts While Recruiting in MLM
 Multilevel marketing carries a goal of making money, with it. This goal can only be achieved by creating a strong down line. That means, making money through MLM totally depends upon the recruitment under you. So I will tell you some Do's and Don'ts while recruiting. What to...
Color Your Way To Success!
 Just before hitting the sack last night, I decided to open my Facebook chat and get to know someone in there that I hadn't the pleasure of getting to know just yet.So it was I opened a channel with a very interesting 21 year old college student.He replied immediately to my "Hello, how...
How to teach your downline to get appointments.
A few years ago I had lunch with my friend, Chris. Why? Because I believe in taking experts to lunch and finding out exactly what they do and say to build their businesses. Chris shared this story with me:  *** I wanted to go to Chicago and help my group grow. I was talking to one of my...
How To Sponsor More People In Your MLM
There are three basic ways to sponsor more people into your MLM. However, before you begin you must do one very important thing: Brand Yourself. You can direct people to you and your website, but if you don't look like a potentially good sponsor, people may just choose to join under someone...
Ten Ways to Use Postcards to Build Your Network Marketing Business
Postcard idea #1. Prospecting.The postcard is the cheapest mailing forum you can use, but it's also the smallest. You'll be limiting yourself to a great headline and a bit of text. So, what's your headline?Over the past few years, I've spent a lot of time on headlines and...
Get Rejection-Free, Pre-Sold Prospects By Using This Four-Step Headline Formula
Headlines are the most important part of your ad. Want proof?Grab your daily newspaper. Do you read every article in your daily newspaper? Of course not. So how do you choose which articles to read?By the headlines.For instance, let's see what you do as you skim your paper and see the...
Where can I find hot, hot prospects?
When we first come into the network marketing industry, we often don't use any of the 25 commercial skills we need to effectively go out of our comfort zone. We are stuck with our current "social" skills they we learned from parents, teachers, jobs and from our social life. So we should...

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