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Reaching Your Goals

Reaching your Goals isn’t really complicated, but it isn’t always easy. Simplistically, there are just a few steps to achieving goals that, when followed exactly, will result in success. But, the Know-Do gap, or the distance between knowing something and actually doing it,  is sometimes a huge chasm.

The first step in reaching a goal is to have an exact, clear goal that is written down, with a specific time frame attached. Without a clear picture of what it is you are trying to achieve, you will be easily distracted and when a minor challenge or obstacle arises, you will have a tendency to waiver or quit.

Decide what it is you want, then write it down and read it at least twice a day. This does two things, first it will plant the goal firmly in your mind, and secondly, it will reinforce your desire for that goal.

Once you have a clear, concise goal written down, you will then need to establish a plan whereby you can reach that goal. It may be that you will not have a definite plan initially. That is fine. One will come as you continue to read and think about your goal on a daily basis.

That brings us to faith. Faith is essential to reaching any goal. You must believe, without any doubt, that you can achieve your goal. With faith, you will overcome any obstacle. With faith, you will not listen to criticism from anyone. With faith, you will persist when the going is tough and others quit. It is through faith that all things are accomplished.

To help establish faith, it is always wise to visualize yourself obtaining your goal. You must see yourself already in possession of whatever it is your are trying to achieve. See the money, see the relationship, see the achievement. Visualize yourself performing the activities that will bring you to your goal.  

Once you have a clear, concise goal written down, a plan in place and faith that you will achieve your goal, you will now have to have the discipline to work your plan every single day. Every day you must take massive action toward your goal. This discipline is vital if you want to succeed. Reading your goal and visualizing your achievements will aid you in this vital factor.

Persistence then becomes the watchword as you progress toward the achievement of your goal. Those who persist in doing those, small, day to day actions will be the winners. You must never, ever give up. Even when the reaching of your goal may seem unobtainable, you must continue to take action on a daily basis and keep your eye on the end result.

When you feel like quitting, you must double your efforts of reading your goals, visualizing them and, perhaps, revising your plan to accommodate any unforseen obstacles that have seemingly stopped your progress. Perhaps, there is a better plan that you hadn’t initially thought of and the inferior plan resulted in challenges that required a changed to a better plan.

A change of plans can be expected. But, the goal must remain absolute and unchangeable. Persistent, consistent, effort will result in the achievement of your goals.  Keep the dream alive with daily reading of your goals and massive action toward that goal. If you never, ever give up, you will succeed and you will reach your goal.  


Dee L. Martin

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