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How To Sponsor More People In Your MLM

There are three basic ways to sponsor more people into your MLM. However, before you begin you must do one very important thing: Brand Yourself. You can direct people to you and your website, but if you don't look like a potentially good sponsor, people may just choose to join under someone else. So what can you do to sponsor more people into your MLM?


If your program has a lot of buzz and momentum ( there are ways to find this out like ), many people are getting emails about it. Many of these emails come from people the receiver doesn't know. So they may like what they read but have no attachment to the sender of the email. So they go to a search bar, particularly Google, and do a search on your MLM using the name of the Company.


So the most targeted prospects for your MLM are probably found by your having a presence on the first or second page of a search engine like Google. You can pay your way to the top or you can take steps to get a free listing in the organic section. You pay your way to the top by using PPC or Pay Per Click. You can do this by text ads or banner ads. With ads, what you say really matters.


The first line of the ad must grab people's attention. The second line must explain the benefits of choosing your ad and the third line must be a call to action or simply tell the seeker what to do. PPC ads will not work if the ad is poorly written, the MLM is not hot or your ad shows up on page two or lower than most ads. Finally, where the ad goes once they click on it is very important as well. That's where personal branding, having the right kind of website and having the right kind of content makes a difference in whether the prospect wants more information or to join. What do you want when you click on a website?


Is getting on the first page of Google with a free listing going to get you sign ups? It will if it's done right and the MLM is attracting people to it.  You can place an ad in Backpage if an MLM is new and rank high if you have some of the first content about the MLM. But I've seen too many people say three or four lines about the MLM in such ads, barely give their contact information and sometimes forget to put a link to their website. How can people sign up with you? Why should they?


It's far better to write an article "reviewing" your MLM through an article directory like ezinearticles or hubpages. The review should be your honest opinion of the program without exaggeration and hype. Remember, people are looking for other people's perspective and acceptance of the MLM, not that "this is the next big thing". If the article is written fairly early in the life of the MLM, Google is usually the first to find it and rank it because it has useful content to it. It doesn't hurt to "add your url" to Google at


You can also write information about your MLM on your own personal website, using your domain and the MLM name like this: It's best not to buy a domain name with the MLM name in it, like The MLM will eventually ask you to unlock the domain to them as you are infringing upon their copyright of the name. Some companies will allow you to write a blog with their name in it, like this " It's always good to check with the Company. If the Company doesn't care about this, you might rethink being a part of it.


So far, two ways you can get people sponsored in your MLM is to use PPC and to write articles or have a blog with good content with the hope it gets ranked high in Google and people find it when searching for more information about your MLM. A third way to get more sign ups is through email marketing. Email marketing, done properly, can get you some excellent results if it's done on a consistent basis and you follow up on your leads. 


All emails you send out should have tracking attached to them. If you find that only one or two people out of a hundred are opening you emails, then something needs to change. An excellent source for this is They allow you to use their service for free up to a certain limit and you can track your emails and the links that are clicked on. Who do you email?


You need to email biz opp leads. Although there are many places that offer free biz opp leads, try to look for companies that offer as many leads as you want after you enroll for free. When emailing them, always keep the email short and to the point. Your Subject Box title must be eye-catching and interesting and don't use spam filter words like free, money and mlm in your email.


What is the most important thing you can say in an email to get more sign ups? What was it that attracted you to an MLM from an email in the past? I realize some of you join after a phone call, but for me, it's curiosity. It's something so different I just have to look at what it's all about. I must admit though, I don't respond if the email sends me to a generic lead capture page. I'm too busy for guessing games. I want to know what it is and why you're promoting it.


Now, are any of these three ways to get more sign ups for your MLM anything new? No. And they can very easily be brushed off as unimportant. But don't. I have signed up hundreds of people using these three methods. I believe you can as well if you're not already doing this. Now go out there and get 'em!


Andrew Sinay is the Founder of A. Andrews & Sons Marketing Team where you can learn more about how to market on the Internet and how to find a network marketing home:




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