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Three Ways To Create Attraction Online

Most men dream of being able to date beautiful women any time they want.  Whether looking for a relationship, a date, or even a casual fling, all men want to be successful when it comes to picking up women.  Thankfully we live in a time where online dating affords us this opportunity to meet women any time we desire.  All we have to do is sign on to one of the thousands of sites and we will see a whole list of women at our finger tips.  Unfortunately, some men sign on to these sites thinking that they are not good-looking enough to go after any woman they want.   The truth of the matter is, these men are dead wrong with these false notions.  The female mind happens to be wired much differently than the male mind and we can generate attraction in a large variety of ways that have abosultely nothing to do with our looks.


The following are three quick ways to generate instant attraction:


1)  Show humor:  Women respond extremely strongly to a good sense of humor.  All women dream about finding a man that they can picture themselves laughing with until they are gray and old.   So don't just say that you are funny in your profile, emails, and Instant Messages.  Prove it.  Make your potential date laugh and you will instantly generate some attraction. 


2)  Show you are in demand.  Women want someone that they think is a price and in high demand by society.  They are programmed to go after alpha males that everyone else in society would be jealous of if they were with.  So show some demand in the words you write and the messages you send. You will instantly find women paying more attention to you.


3)  Self-confidence.  Ask any women what one of the top three things they are attracted to are and self-confidence is always near the top of the list.  Women respond very strongly to this and want to know that they are with someone that is worth being with.  It is up to you to make her feel this way. 


Follow these three steps and you will be on your way to building more attraction in no time.  Good Luck!


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