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Why Are So Many People Failing In MLM Today? Solution!


So how about a breakdown on why so many people are failing in MLM (over 97%)! Anyone slightly interested? If so, read on...


1] Over 90% of people in MLM are NOT sales people! So it has to be easy for them to promote a program where in most cases the web site & conference calls do most of the work for them.


2] When they do have to try and convince others to sign up and have a HIGH monthly auto ship like anything over $50, most can not convince others to do it!


3] Bad Comp Plans are destined to make the owners rich and the distributors poor.


4] Over Priced products-Too many products are so over priced and not worth the money spent that even IF you do get people on these products, they will drop out soon!


5] Recruiters who are NOT sponsors! By this I mean those who simply drop people in and leave them to fend for themselves enhances failure! Support is the KEY to success!


6] Greedy Owners-Time and time again I have launched into companies and when greed takes over, the owners simply change the comp plan to take away money and erode your downlines away!


7] Companies that beef up numbers by buying BIG distributors! Anytime you hear about these big guns moving to this hot deal, most are being paid a large amount of money to move their entire downlines over to this new deal!


8] Read the income disclosure statement to see how it stacks up to the national average of about 3%-4% earning a living ($50,000.00 or more/year) in MLM! If your company's statement falls below this, you need to leave!


9] People who blindly follow these hyped up recruiters without researching other programs in most cases fail as well! Ever heard of doing your own due diligence? ALL entrepreneurs will do this, but most people are simply followers...failure!


10] Blinders-People who sit there and defend their company to the hilt and do not even look around to see what their competitors are up to! This is the KEY difference if you are an entrepreneur or not!


There are many more points as well, but this should be a good heads up for those who do want to make it in MLM!


When searching for a legitimate MLM, there are several factors that you need to consider as described below based on a nutritional opportunity. I chose nutrition since it is in the highest demand by "Baby Boomers"


1] Product quality and pricing-Can the general public afford them and do they work better than store bought products? If it is not nutrition, then is the product of real value to the end user!


2] How long has the company been in business? At least 2 years without major problems is best! If it is a new program, make sure you look at the entire picture to see if the end user will truly benefit from their product.


3] Compensation Plan-If it is not a Matrix, I won't even look at it! The worst comp plan is a Binary since you only get paid on the lesser leg and usually it is only 10%!!! Not only that, but you rarely get any spillover so you have to build it yourself totally!


4] Ease of duplication is based on a LOW monthly auto ship like say $30 / month so that people can get others to try it! High auto ships are destined for failure as people do not stay long! Also good is a one time entry fee as there are a lot of people who like this and it is easy to duplicate!


5] Has the company bought big distributors to beef up their numbers to make them look good? Run away as fast as you can from this hype!


6] Are they in several countries so you can market all over the world? Very important as you get ready to expand worldwide!


7] Fast start Bonus-Very important as this is the best way to keep people on board by putting good money in their pocket right away! 


8] Sign up and other fees that bleed your bank account! Sign up fees, web site monthly fees, annual renewal fees, monthly maintenance fees, etc...beware of these as added costs!


9] Stay away from companies that use these terms in their comp plan-PV, BV, CV, and GV. You do NOT get paid in the actual product price, but a lower amount so that the company can skim more money off the top! IE: Say the CV is 50 points and this is what they pay you on. But, when you order the product to satisfy this 50 points, it is usually about 50% higher in cost to you!


10] The key to long term success in nutrition or any other company for that matter is customer retention, ease for people to duplicate it, rewarding compensation plans for ALL and not just the players, non greedy owners, and true value of the product you are promoting to the end user or customer!


***Just so you know the main reason I chose health products is that this is the # 1 thing that Baby Boomers want and need! Also, if you look at the history of MLM, the long term survivors are nutritional companies, not affiliate types, money games, cash gifting, telecoms, energy savings types, etc... One exception is a one time fee program which makes it much easier to promote and can generate fast large incomes to help people survive!


I hope this helps you!


Tom Sparrow-CEO


Health Innovations & Marketing, Inc.

Skype: tom.sparrow53

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: scubapro48


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