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Surviving Christmas Overwhelm


Here is a quick & easy tool to use to segment your days and not feel so over whelmed as the Christmas buzz is happening all around you.

When we were young our first experience in setting an intention may have been planning our  birthday party.  We learned about:


·      Who to invite, what time, where

·      What kind of birthday cake design

·      Making invitations and giving them to friends

·      What to wear and look your best

·      What party favors to give to guests

·      What games to play

·      What other food to have


Even though “mom” usually does the majority of planning it was learning the importance of pre-planning. Anticipation and excitement of preparing for the party is half the fun, as well as a big part of the success of the party.


Teenagers are constantly planning! (Maybe not planning what their parents would like them to, but they plan every detail and every micro-second, especially girls.It always makes me laugh to see texting going back & forth comparing ideas, while walking with a group of friends who they could talk to right next to them.  But, all kidding aside, it is this process of planning, detailing and sharing ideas that allows them to attract better results. It is a necessary learning exercise.  When they don’t plan they feel left behind.


A key phrase that is used with law of attraction is “segment intending”.  The concept behind this phrase is the same as planning, but consciously adding emotions of feeling success as though the event has already occurred. 


Segment intending is simply taking small frames of moments in time to visualize, pre-plan and intend everything will go smoothly, exactly the way you want.


When we become conscious deliberate creators setting intentions consistently every day, we achieve greater success.   Why? I believe because we look for the results we want to experience.


If you want to achieve positive results every day, throughout the day, try starting with segment intending.


·      Pick an activity that you plan to do in the next hour and give it a moment of thought.

·      Visualize yourself going through the motions of the activity.

·      Allow your feelings to be aligned with success as you visualize.

·      Feel celebration in your heart as you go through and finish the activity.


How does that feel?


A segment could be as easy as driving point A to point B.


·      Visualize yourself getting into your car completely prepared for the appointment you’re headed to. 

·      See yourself backing out of the driveway and calmly driving down the streets you know so well to take the shortest route there. 

·      All traffic lights turn green for you, the flow of traffic is perfect, and you feel the sun shining through the window. 

·      You are aware of the happy couple walking down the sidewalk, the blossoms on the trees and you are calm, relaxed and fully present in the moment. 

·      Even when you are required to stop at a red light you are grateful for a moment to look around and stretch a bit. 

·      When you get to your destination there are plenty of empty parking stalls close to the door waiting for you to pull in. 

·      You arrive at your appointment at exactly the time you intended and the meeting goes smoothly.


You have pre-planned, or set an intention for a perfect journey and you consciously prepared your mind to enjoy the drive.  You are fully conscious of each moment on the way to your appointment because you took a moment to be organized, efficient and appreciative along the way. 


Isn’t this a better way to go through the day?


Any time you are feeling overwhelmed with activities and responsibilities take time to set your intentions of success. 


·      Athletes do it before every game, activity or event.

·      Chefs do it by reading the recipe and getting all the utensils laid out, pre-heating the oven & having the ingredients prepped.

·      Mothers do it by managing a household and keeping everyone organized; laundry, meals, cleaning, appointments made, etc.

·      Successful entrepreneurs do it by creating a proper business plan, budgeting, marketing, seeking legal and accounting advice, hiring staff, etc.

·      Farmers do it planning the right time to seed, irrigating, harvesting and marketing their wares.


We all do it!  But do we always do it with the intention of being successful?


If you aren’t achieving the benefits you desire perhaps it is time to look at how you are planning, intending and creating your reality.



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