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Fear - How To Conquer It Forever.

Fear is, in my opinion, the number one reason people fail. Fear keeps people from starting on the road to success because of their fear of the unknown. When looking at a new project, they are fearful of what they can’t for see happening and their supposed lack of ability to handle those unforseen challenges.


Fear of failure, ironically, will keep people from starting on a new project. They feel they will probably fail and that feeling of inadequacy will keep them from even starting. They are afraid of the supposed contempt of other people if they should fail.


Failure, is nothing more than not starting or quitting after having started.  If we take a leap of faith into the unknown, and continue to press on against all odds, we will succeed, as long as we never, ever quit.


A Japanese proverb states: “Fear is only as deep as the mind allows” When starting a new project, we will have some misgivings about our ability to do the work and about the work itself. But, if we let fear enter our minds, we will be defeated before we start. Fear is only in our minds. It is not real, unless we make it so. We can control our mind and the fear that tries to enter therein.


“Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.” Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe. This is the attitude we should have when approaching a new project. Gather the facts, assess your assets -skills, capital, knowledge, abilities, partnerships,  etc - then take action, now! If you work hard, you will have no time for fear.


We will encounter challenges along the way to success. But, these challenges are not reasons to quit, they are opportunities to learn and to grow. They direct us on our course to our goal, keeping us on the true path to success. “Do not fear the winds of adversity. Remember: A kite rises against the wind rather than with it.” Unknown


We must recognize fear for what it is. It is merely an accumulation of criticism and negativity we have heard throughout our lives. Parents and Grandparents try to keep us safe by telling us we could get hurt if we aren’t careful. Teachers telling us we are not smart enough to accomplish our goals. Our own self talk that is filled with self-doubt about our abilities. It is not based in reality, merely in the minds of people.


Of course, fear is a natural instinct in place to keep us safe from physical harm. Without it, we would be in jeopardy every day we left our home. It serves a very important role in keeping us alive and well. But that is in the physical world. It has no place other than there.


Courage is the overcoming of fear, not the absence of fear. When we find ourselves fearful of starting or continuing a project, we must root out the basis of that fear and objectively analyze it, then simply remove it from our thoughts. Action is the best way to do that. Fear will paralyze us and will demand we stay put. Courage directs us to take action against that fear. If you have a plan of action and follow it, you will conquer fear. Just do it!


Fear is conquered with quick, affirmative action aimed  at a specific goal.  We can keep fear out of our minds by thinking only of our goal and how we will achieve that goal. Persistent, continuous action toward a specific, clear goal will win the day against fear and failure.


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