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Are You Choking The Life From Your Network Marketing Business?

Your network marketing business is passing away and along with it so are your dreams. While you go searching for someone or something to blame, maybe it would be wise for you to stop in front of the mirror and look at the person staring back at you. In all probability the individual you are looking at is the main offender in the death of your network marketing business.

Let's be truthful. You didn't begin with the intention of killing your network marketing business. The day you said yes and pulled out your credit card, this was the furthest thing from your mind. You were about to give this business your all. In fact your head was already filled with the names of individuals you knew you wanted to talk to. You were going to reach your dreams and this business was the vehicle that would be getting you there.

Someplace along the way something happened. The zeal of enrollment quickly transformed into the rude awakening of reality which then morphed into fearful retreat. The result is forsaking of the business. We justify the abandonment by saying the company was flawed or the products were too expensive, but the reality is we are unwilling to accept responsibility for the outcomes.

The good news is that the narrative does not need to end this way. In reality the end result can be so radically different, if we will simply deal with the attitudes within us that stand in direct opposition to all that we are aiming to accomplish. Fortunately these deadly attitudes are easily recognized and just as easily dealt with.

The first self-defeating attitude is the one that declares "I can't." A lot of new network marketers enter the business and once they face their first major obstacle the words "I can't" make their presence known. The individual becomes convinced that they lack the ability to overcome the obstacle and instead of trying to get past it, they simply use it as their justification for failure. This attitude is especially commonplace in regards to speaking to other people about your network marketing business. The fear of rejection comes flooding in and unless it is taken care of, the business may fail without a single person having been approached with it. When this attitude is found lurking in the shadows of your mind, it is easily defeated by just asking the question: "How can I?" This simple step will turn a negative absolute into an open field of endless opportunity.

Another prevalent business killer is the mindset of lack. This is the mindset that says: "I can't afford it." If this attitude is present, the marketer is reluctant to make even the slightest investment into their business, simply using a lack of finances as the reason. Once again it is tragic to see the number of businesses that are allowed to die without a single dollar being spent to develop them. The solution to this mindset is to look at the tools and resources required for your business and then ask: "How can I afford this?" Again this shifts the mindset from a destructive absolute to an open field of possibilities.

Needless to say the real key to avoid the premature death of your network marketing business is your dedication. When you make a commitment to see your business thrive, then you eliminate all excuses for its failure. You have chosen to find solutions to every obstacle and challenge you will come across. Without having deep rooted dedication, any other positive self talk will be rendered pointless and ineffective. So take a stand, look yourself in the eye and say these words: "You do not have permission to kill my network marketing business!"

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